Friday, February 17, 2012

Interesting Story: Utah Mountain Man Eludes Authorities for Year(s)?

The unknown mountain man has been breaking into summer cabins and eating food and staying warm during the winter. It seems the man has been going into the summer cabins of people who only live in them during the summer. The man has quite a few guns of his own, but, from my understanding of the article, has not stolen any guns, but has stolen parts to repair guns. At one summer camp of this Unknown Mountain Man, the authorities recovered 19 guns and expensive camping equipment and gear he has taken from the cabins. Although there has not been any violence to people, there has been escalating violence against several of the properties he has broken into. This entire thing causes me to wonder several things: 1. Why did he break into a cabin and then shoot it up? Is this because of the information in the newspapers about him? The locals are very frightened, naturally, and have resorted to carrying guns with them - of course this is not surprising since it IS Utah. 2. The authorities have several sets of fingerprints, but, according to their information, this man is not in the criminal justice system - you see this all the time on shows like Bones, CSI, and Criminal Minds all the time. 3. Why is this man trying to stay off the grid? 4. How long has he been in the mountains? 5. Where is he from originally? 6. What is this man's complete story? Hopefully this man will make it through this adventure of his without killing someone or being killed.

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