Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits: Taking a Break to Communicate

I am taking a moment to just sip on a warm Coke for my stomach and catch up with you all about things going on with me and in the world. This might be a more "jumpy" post than normal, but it is always good for friends to visit and get re-aquainted. Currently I am fighting a stomach bug - again. Having RA means having a lowered immune system and my immune system is really low, so there is a good chance I will pick something up any time I leave my home or will catch whatever a friend has if they come over sick. Last week I took Kolbar out for lunch and to celebrate his birthday. I began feeling ill then but was determined to power through whatever it was, and succeeded...to a point. It caught up with me this weekend. I had to miss a get together with all of my friends and couldn't help celebrate their birthdays and being able to just touch base with them. Today I am feeling better, but definitely know I am not well, like I had been thinking yesterday. Yesterday was a day when I felt pretty much normal and did a lot of research and prep work for the werewolf extravagana. I even ate some chicken tenders (that's what I asked Kolbar for when he asked what food I thought I could eat) and I ate a couple. They stayed...until today. I also discovered I have a slight fever, too. I do not feel well. Enough said about my health because there are other things to share! When Kolbar and I were out for his birthday lunch/day last week, we went into F.Y.E. at the mall. The letters stand for For Your Entertainment. It is the video/music place in Fayette Mall. (I think there must be a music/video place in a mall to be considered a mall.) There was a song playing I was very unfamiliar with, but it was catchy and the song itself was good. The next song to play was by the same artist so I took me over to the counter and asked who it was: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Her sound is really bluesy with some funk and rock thrown in for good measure. Her sound is wonderful and I actually went straight and picked up the CD. On the CD one of my favorites is turning out to be "Good-bye Kiss". Grace Potter is in the same musical realm as Adele. The name of the CD we picked up is called, simply enough, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. The new computer is awesome! It has been a shame I haven't been able to mess with it over-much due to just working on the novel and feeling icky. The more I work with it, though, the more I am enjoying it. Currently I have gotten rid of McAfee and installed another form of virus protection. I am also downloading Rift Lite to try it out. It is a newer MMO I wanted to play since the first time it was advertised on TV. My laptop was unable to handle it and it is almost questionable about this machine, but this one has a far better chance of letting me check it out than my beloved laptop. Along with the computer being wonderful, I have tackled Gears of War 2. When this version is finished I am saving ALL of my spare change for the next one. I love playing Halo and this one has simply won me over from the very first moment I heard about it. Marcus Fenix, the main character of the game, is AWESOME! When the games are through I will go back through on a different difficulty setting to get more achievements. Halo 2 is also calling to me. What will probably happen is: while I am saving up my pennies for Gears 3 I'll head into the next Halo game.

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