Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits: Feet From Suicides?

According to this article, feet have been washing ashore in Washington State and British Columbia.  "The appearance of 12 feet in rubber soled shoes in five years, with six surfacing in a six-month period" has brought up questions of whether there was a serial killer or not.  One theory was it could possibly be the result of an "airplane crash" - which could be plausible, but there sure would have had to be a lot of airplane accidents, and a big crash would already be reported I suspect.

However, the "British Columbia coroner Stephen Fonseca, who has been studying the phenomenon for years, says the source is a bridge over Vancouver's Fraser River, and most of the feet belonged to suicide victims."

Suicide victims.  OK - I can see how this could happen quite gruesomely, but from what I could find on the World Wide Web and the ever popular Internet, there weren't that many reported train accidents in that area.  Could a train hit someone and the engineer not know they had done so?  A train is hard to stop and a normal bump probably doesn't exist for them, but still...this makes me question this particular answer.

Here is the direct link to the article in case the above doesn't work

I couldn't find the photographer of the above photo to list him/her here.

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