Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SWtill Kicking

Well, I am still working. Big shock, Right? Yesterday I had to miss work because I had a migraine. It began Saturday and didn't really end until today. Even though I went to work today I would have preferred to have been any where else because I just felt like absolute crap.

Friday and yesterday brought me a deep realization: I do not want to stay at this job forever. So, even through the the migraine yesterday I applied to 16 new job positions. When I went into work today I was also given information a new position was open in my department, just a different division than call center rep. I let my manager know I was interested - as long as the pay is the same and the hours remain the same I would really like to be in that particular division. Hubby is really encouraging me to step out and find a better job and not just to settle. One good thing with this new position is that I would have the time to actually go back to school. It would be hard, but I believe I can do it, as long as I can get the funding I need to return to classes.


I have also kept up the writing, as I promised myself this year. The piece that truly has my interest and has kept me working on it is a children's story of all things! Maybe I just need something simple and as innocent as possible to soothe the nerves and heart with all of the stress I am suddenly finding myself surrounded by.

Physically I am not doing as well as I would like. I simply have to figure out a way of exercising each and every day. I have not been doing this and now I realize I need to do this because I need to do this for me. Just me. In some weird way this feels fantastic.