Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Week and a Couple More Books

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There are some things that are simply true, like the above picture. Those of us who have animals truly understand just how it is: It is not we who own the animals, it is the other way around! They own us!

Everything is slowly but surely filtering down into a system and routine for work. The evenings are still weird, but slowly plans are forming and life is proceeding as it should, just somewhat slower than what I would normally prefer. Still, I am pleased with how work is going and how I am easing into my own place there on the outside as well as the inside of me.

Books and reading are becoming my savior for those almost-quiet moments at work. This week I began and finished J.A. Jance's second J.P. Beaumont detective novel, Injustice for All and have begun Hellboy: Emerald Hell by Tom Piccirilli.

This book isn't as good as Bones of Giants because the writer believes himself to understand backwoods Louisiana folk. Yeah, he needs to do just a little bit more research, still, the writing is solid and I am finding myself enjoying it as much as is possible, which is a good deal.

Tomorrow Lent officially begins with Cheesefare Sunday and then with Forgiveness Vespers tomorrow night. This particular vespers' service is important to me, and helps me prepare myself for the next 50 days. Will I make it this year? Who knows. I don't. I have to get myself prepared for work and that means actually preparing my head and body as well as my clothes and food.

This past week has proven problematic as far as sleep is concerned: Sleep has either been difficult to achieve, difficult to keep, or just plain bothersome. It could be I am truly adjusted to the schedule I have to keep now and can add a little extra time into the evenings where it was previously impossible. If this is the case, then I can actually let myself stay up longer and prepare differently in the evenings with a little writing or something of that nature.

Not blogging has really been difficult on me. Normally blogging the day would let me be at peace and order thoughts and the events of the day (yeah, I know, I've said this before), so I am now thinking that I may just start taking the laptop to bed with me and using a small table to write - laying down and typing just doesn't work for me and my weird, arthritic body. Once the office is put to rights it will be easier to just slip into there and do a couple of updates/blog posts and then just head right on over to my bedroom and to bed. If I can do this and still make it into bed by 10:00 p.m. I think it would still be good for me and my body.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cuteness Alert

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
Isn't that just too cute?!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Sunday

It snowed again yesterday and last night. This time it was a fluffy snow that, according to Hubby, made wonderful snow balls when challenged by a ten year old at Church. At least he got to pitch a few snowballs today and enjoy the cold and snow itself.

For myself, I did not go to Church so I could actually get some extra rest because we have finally come full circle and are releasing and relaxing from the eight month long stress of closing on our house. Finally we have our home. It is ours. It belongs to us and we do not have to move at the end of a year or renew a lease. Can you possibly imagine how much stress these past eight months have been for me and my darling Hubby? Immeasurable!

It started off easy and then we had to start jumping through hoops and having our hopes dashed somewhat repeatedly right when we were told that we would be given a closing date. Each and every time it seemed like it was over another hoop would appear and another danger spoken that we might actually have to move and the bank was suddenly uncertain whether or not we were actually going to get the loan for the house.

Yesterday both me and Hubby had bad headaches and our sinuses were really acting wild and crazy. Today I feel like I have a cold, which does not help me to feel wonderful, but I am doing better than I was yesterday and am determined to go to work tomorrow because there really isn't a chance for me to take off just because I don't feel well or just would like not to have to go. Paychecks are wonderful incentives for going to work.

Friday, February 20, 2009



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Sun. Day Off. Better Back.

I did not go to work today. Again. This is the last day I can take off from work. Not going in appears to have been the right choice because I do feel better. However, the paycheck is going to really suffer, but I still have a job and this is wonderful. I still have a job.

The sun is shining beautifully and it isn't horribly cold outside, despite the storms we had yesterday. The sunlight has done wonders to help me feel better about taking the day off and actually let my body rest and recuperate. It looks like it has actually paid off. Work tomorrow is not going to kill me.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Hearts' Day Nears

Can you believe Valentine's Day is so close?

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Really Small Quickie

The work week was long. I feel OK today, but I really slept late and recharged the batteries. More later. With luck.