Saturday, April 28, 2007

The gray matter is prickly today.

My brain is working overtime of late where the knitting is involved. Despite everything that is happening with me and how busy my planner/calendar says I am, my brain is planning things to knit despite me.
The chart to the right is going to be used in a bag for a friend. I have some lovely blue and fuchsia yarn that I believe would bring out this skull pattern quite well. Blue background with a pink skull. Yes, I know, girlie, but I believe it would be exceptionally cute. It isn't going to be a very large bag, granted, because I couldn't afford more than one hank/skein of each color (I think it would be better if I had another hank/skein of the blue I have).

This is so accurate it is almost scary! I love purple!

Your Inner Color is Purple

Your Personality: You're a dreamer and visionary. You believe you were put on this earth to do something great.

You in Love: You're very passionate but often too busy for love. You need a partner who sees your vision and adopts it as their own.

Your Career: You need a job that helps you make a difference. You have a bright future as a guru, politician, teacher, or musician.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Feeling a bit better about the water.

I love turtles. Everyone who reads this blog knows this. Many times I have even said I feel like a turtle sometimes because my chair makes a nice shell and I am not as quick as everyone else. Cumbersome is a word I understand quite well.

During my PT session in the water recently the terror was something I had to fight with for a good 45 minutes before I could finally ease and let myself enjoy the water. The thought of going back into the pool/water has not given me nightmares, but I have noticed I really do tend to just push the date of the next visit from my mind (though I have duly recorded it in my planner so I will not forget when it is).

Knowing my dislike for the water and my love of turtles, Hubby found a video of sea turtles and sent it to me in an email. It was a beautiful video with wonderful music (sadly I can't embed it here or link directly to it for some reason successfully). Watching the turtle in the water become so graceful and beautiful helped something uncoil inside me. And, coincidently, a friend sent me a small wooden turtle charm in the post recently. Yes, I firmly believe God does give us little messages through people and events, now perhaps more than before.

Although my fear of the water is still there, something of the terror seems to have gone. We'll see how that goes once Wednesday returns. But, the next time I go into the pool I will have my little turtle charm around my neck, and I will keep firmly in mind the beauty of the turtle in the water. Maybe in the water, I can be beautiful and weightless, too.

Since I couldn't link/embed the video I received from Hubby, I give you another video of sea turtles. It is amazing to me how gracefully they move. Enjoy.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you peed on an electrical fence guys?

Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you peed on an electrical fence guys?

Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you peed on an electrical fence guys?

Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you peed on an electrical fence guys?

Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Knitting, Meetings, and Life Marches Forward (I'm tired already.)

Finally! I have made a hat that meets with my approval as well as Hubby's for his head! It really was a quick knit and would have been quicker if I had indeed just kept to the needles and kept working on it. Why didn't I? Because I was going to PT and today I went to a local business college and worked out when I need to apply for classes for a B.S. in Paralegal Studies. Yeah, it is hard for me to believe as well. I mean, here I am over the ripe age of 40 and I am heading back to school for a degree that will let me work in a law office, or some place for at least part time. It boggles my mind at least.

Classes begin on June 25th and orientation -- my gosh, orientation of all things -- is on June 21st. It is as if everything is moving so quickly for me, and Hubby. He is also considering going back to school to become a teacher. Between you and me I believe he would make a wonderful teacher. I hope he goes through with it. This way he would, hopefully, always have a job, one he liked, and he could even have summers off, which is even better for him, and us.

I am going to have to work on making arrangements, of course. I need to make sure PT can happen in the afternoons, and if I have to go in the mornings then I need to make certain I can get to class on time and make sure I will have on some good dry clothes because pool work will be involved for a while I imagine.

Isn't it strange how you go along nicely and then one day you just can't go on any more in the same way. A change is needed and when you know what change needs to be made the steps to make it also seem to appear. And they have been there all the time. It isn't like a kitten opening its eyes for the first time to see the world; it is more like having a bandage on your eyes, or blinders, and when they are removed, when it is time, the blinders and bandages go away and you can see a path you need to take. The removal of bandages is how this feels to me.

Now all I need to do is make sure there is time to study, be with Hubby, be with friends, play with the animals, go to class, go to PT, and knit. No problem. Right?

It feels like a lot in front of me, but I feel more confident right now than I have felt in a good number of years. God surely will give me strength for all of these changes that are happening.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Survived!

A lot is popping around here of late. I have finally decided to get off of my butt, metaphorically and almost literally speaking, and get to doing some things that are actually important.

One thing I am doing is going to physical therapy at Cardinal Hill Hospital here in Lexington. Yesterday was my first actual physical therapy session and it wasn't overly challenging. Today, however, was one of the most challenging days I have had for a while. I went into the pool.

OK, for most people this is probably not a big deal, but when you can swim, and you really can't move all that well, getting into the water is almost terrifying; for me it is terrifying. Getting onto the liftchair that lowers you into the water made me clamp down on the inner part of my jaw to keep from screaming in pure terror. Even my therapist, her name is Jesika (a beautiful and sweet blond who is quite slender, but extremely strong). She kept asking me if I was all right.

At one point Jesika asked me if I was ready. My response was an honest one, "No, but just because I'm not ready doesn't mean I won't do it." She didn't quite know how to take that at first.

Hubby was there and stayed close by the pool but let me and Jesika work this thing out together. By the time I was relaxing it was time to get out of the pool.

I did some leg exercises in the pool and then did some walking. At first I was clinging to the bar with a death grip. By the time it was over I was not holding on to it quite as much, but did want to make sure I always knew just how close it was, or Jesika. I'm going back there next Wednesday for more pool work. If Hubby has a job by then I'll be doing this solo, except for Jesika. Having Hubby there today helped me relax a little because I knew he would get me out of there if I needed to be gotten out. Learning to trust Jesika so much is going to take time.

The second thing I'm doing is preparing plans for going back to school. I am going to go to Sullivan University, a business college here, and get a degree in paralegal or medical claims/information where I can either work at a law office or in a hospital. I am actually leaning toward getting both. If all goes well, tomorrow I will be going to have an admissions meeting and start filling out the financial aid papers and getting myself ready for classes which will begin in June.

Of course I have not given up on the writing either. I am possibly clinging to it harder now than I ever have before. Everything is going to work out. I have to try and help Hubby if I can at all do anything.

See, things are popping again.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Festival and News Central for Lexington and Surrounding Areas!

Today was the Kite Festival in Georgetown, KY. Hubby and I had a wonderful time with Jaybird, Lil Jay Jr, and Jayette. Bright colored flags flapped in the breeze while bright colored flags fluttered in the sky above us. Kids were everywhere, as were people.

Since today was Earth Day as well, people were out-and-about just celebrating being alive here in Planet Earth. The festival planners themselves also thought of this and there were Chinese performers, Samoan performers, Latin, bluegrass music, Indian, and several other cultural groups performing as well.

There was even a bellydance club that formed and choreographed their own dances. Although some of the dances weren't awesome a couple of performers really did catch my eye and made me wonder if I could do some of the things they do. While watching them also discovered a bellydance instructor that said that, perhaps, I could be taught and that she had done dancing with more elderly people in nursing homes and hospitals to keep them moving and help them remain limber. This was quite encouraging.

Met several fiber arts people there as well. One woman has a yarn store in Georgetown itself and we talked for several minutes about yarn and where to buy it. Then discovered there was a pen with a real live llama in it (I SO wanted to sing llama-llama-duck but refrained. Are you proud of me Cheyenne?) and discovered there actually are places to buy roving, raw fiber, and spindles! Enthused!

Hubby also had a fantastic time because, well, he was able to meet a tai chi instructor who is a real tai chi enthusiast and actually will let you join his practice for free each and every Saturday. Can you guess where Hubby is going to be for the next few Saturdays? So can I. The odd thing about this is that I may actually be joining him some because they do tai chi in a chair and far differently from most people. I myself feel more encouraged about taking tai chi, or at least moving and settling with this sort of approach than any other.

And just what can I say about Lil Jay Jr! He is definitely Jaybird's boy. You can tell that by looking at him now. Will he grow to look more like Jaybird as he grows up or will he begin to favor Jayette more? I am curious to see. He is such a friendly and social baby! He caught my eye several times and just smiled and laughed and kicked and joined in our conversations to the best of his ability, and when Hubby didn't actually respond to him he just looked so confused. He is adorable! And talk about loving music! That kid is going to be dancing soon as he figures out how to get his feet under him. I just adore babies, especially ones like him. Plus, tonight is momentous for him because he has his very first taste of food (baby food that is) and it is going to be something absolutely yummy -- bananas!

The next time we are all out I am going to make sure batteries are fresh and in the camera!

Upcoming Events
May 17-20th there is an International Craft Festival in Berea, KY. There is even going to be a "knit in" happening and I want to join! Plus all kinds of neat things happening there. So excited about this one.

Andthe Llama and Alpaca Daze are in full swing. There will be fiber arts, lots of llamas -- you even get to groom a llama if you want -- and information about llamas; vendors, food, and fiber arts people. It will be fantastic!

I am so jazzed about these two festivals. Who is with me?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

God Bless 'Em

I have been sitting here thinking through my feelings about the horrorible happenings at Virginia Tech. There is nothing I can say people aren't already saying. So, all I can genuinely say is

God bless all those who are hurting, and may God give peace to the newly returned Souls to Him.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The BBC Reports Ferral Terrapins

It sounds amazing, but the BBC is reporting that ferral terrapins are terrorizing the native wildlife of England. According to the article, they are imported from North America. However, as far as I know, terrapins are endangered and aren't supposed to be captured, transported or sold, especially the North American Terrapin or the North American turtle or "common box turtle" as we also know them by here in Kentucky.

Since I am a big turtle fan, the animal, not TMNT, I am always very interested in how the species is advancing and hopefully prospering. As I have said repeatedly: Turtles prove God has a sense of humor - walking rocks. Besides, how can you not love modern day dinosaurs?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007

One more

Movies, knitting, and TAXES!

OK, let's get the worst out of the way: I did our taxes. They are pretty much ready to go into the mail tomorrow. This year seems to have been a good year for us as far as returns are concerned. Although we aren't going to get a huge amount, we are still getting some back and I didn't have to worry about paying anyone else to do them for us because I did them myself on the 1040EZ form and the EZ form for state. If it ever gets beyond these I hope Kolbar and I are making tons of money so we can actually pay someone else to do the taxes for us.

Kolbar was actually quite encouraging and helpful yesterday when I did the beasties. He helped me prepare my coffee. Helped me empty the garbage so I could, of course, put more trash in the garbage can. And he even came in and asked how it was going a couple of times and once even gave me a hug (though I did have to ask for it).

We went to see Grindhouse at the Kentucky Theater. It is the oldest theater in Lexington and perhaps even Kentucky. It is beautiful and old and just added to the booming nostalgia of the movie itself. If you attended drive-ins during the Seventies then you will get this movie without a problem, plus, it will be something of a shock to see so many big names in pretty much bit parts. The second half of the "double feature" was my favorite. Girls kicking butt with fast cars. Plus, I can honestly say Kurt Russell can scream like a girl with the rest of them. His part was a departure for his heroes and how it all worked out was actually quite wonderful. Go see the movie. I highly recommend it. Since seeing the movie, however, I would love to have the soundtrack if I can just track it down.

On the knitting front today was the first day I actually picked up the needles in quite a while. The little project begun today is a cellphone carrier. There is going to be a longish strap involved to put it around my neck so when up on my crutches there isn't any worry with dropping it or having to leave it in another room. It is actually going to be quite useful once it is finished (tomorrow should do it) and will look pretty. I am going to raid our stash of beads and add some decorations to it to see what comes of it. I believe it is going to be downright cute! Yes, I am excited.

Oh, and the baby bibs are almost finished! I just need some pink ribbon to attach to the baby bibs and make one more. They look adorable and all pink an' cute and soft. Leave it to a brand new baby girl to bring the pink out in me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Storm Front, by Jim Butcher, a Review

Storm Front is the first book in the Harry Dresden series, or "Dresden Files" series. The voice is spectacular and learning the ins and outs of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is quite enjoyable. This book stands alone quite well, and leads us into a world where magic exists and co-exists with us non-magical folk.

There is a lot of action. There is quite a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor that really made me chuckle a couple of times.

In this introductory novel, Harry must discover who is killing people with magic, one of the big no-no's with magic. Some people believe it is him, especially Morgan, Harry's guardian who is supposed to make sure Harry doesn't break the laws of magic. This wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that Morgan doesn't like Harry. At all.

Storm Front moves quickly and easily from one space to the next without making you bored and letting the reader experience the descriptions as their mind sees fit. It isn't an elaborate read where you must pay attention to every single word, but it is in-depth enough that it keeps you reading.

Twists and turns are present. There is a happy ending. Harry survives. If he didn't I suppose it would be quite difficult to have an on-going series.

Storm Front was quite an enjoyable read and made me want to read more in the series. Which I will do.

I give this one a Four out of Five stars. **** It is a good, fun read.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I've Decided I Still Live

Holy Week and Pascha this year has worn me out! It has worn me down to the core of my being and then perhaps a little further. However, it was absolutely beautiful and wonderful and I will do this again at Pascha 2008 as well.

For those of you who have asked, "Pascha" means "the Great Passover" because of Christ's sacrifice upon the cross. Of course there is more to it, but this is about all I have the energy for at the moment.

Pascha and Easter fell at the same time this year for the Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. Holy Week was from Palm Sunday to Pasha/Easter. This meant we were at Church every night if at all possible, and Friday night, Holy Friday or "Dark Friday" as I have heard it called, me, Hubby, Cheyenne and Cheyenne's girlfriend (sorry, haven't come up with a name for her yet) made Holy Bread for the liturgy on Saturday. Once that was done much running was done and preparations made for the service that began on Saturday night at eleven o'clock in the evening.

For a while there no one went to bed before two o'clock in the morning or later. On Pascha evening we had our service and then the wonderful feast afterwards and most people didn't make it home until four o'clock Sunday morning! It was a splendid time!

So, for the past few days I have been sleeping quite a lot. Yesterday I was so tired I kept falling asleep, even during my beloved wrestling! I just couldn't stay awake. My body was worn out and my spirit was just too happy to deal with everything. Today I slept until Noon and am going to try very hard to go to bed by eleven tonight or perhaps earlier if I can get everything done I need done.

Have finished the first of the baby bibs for L's new baby. It has already arrived and as far as I know mother and daughter are doing splendidly. I am making a set of three bibs out of wonderfully soft yarn that will feel spectacular, I hope, to the wee one. Once this project is done I am going to turn my hand to making something else. The "to make" list is SO long I just don't have a clue, at the moment, what I am going to make. Although I am leaning toward a summer purse. I have some wonderful cotton thread in bright green and multi greens and some yellow that would make a wonderful knitted bag. Since it was so expensive I could only get two balls of the thread so it will probably be somewhat of a smallish purse. Still, I believe it will look wonderful and be perfect to carry this spring and summer.

Hubby has a job interview tomorrow. We are praying he will be hired. At the moment he is playing God of War and enjoying it. He finished KOTOR2 and said he felt a little jipped because the ending was somewhat anti-climactic and most of the loose threads were still quite loose. Still, he enjoyed getting to the ending, and appears to be enjoying GOW at the moment. Hopefully this will keep him occupied somewhat.

*** *** ***

Now that things are settling down again, there is probably going to be more regular posts and life is going to be pretty much good. So, until tomorrow, I bid you - good night.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Something cool and Pascha

Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

This little clip was interesting and made me smile.

Smiling is hard today because the weather has suddenly turned off quite cool. Yesterday it was 81*F and today it is 40*F. For me, this means pain, and a lot of it. So, I am just muddling through and hoping and praying I can make it to Church this evening for the Unction Service.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Headache from hell and itchy knitter hands.

This makes my hands itch. Not in that annoying way of having a bug bite, but in the "I really wish I could get my hands on this and knit something with it" way. It is beautiful to look at. It is purple. It is lace weight, which makes me nervous. It is because of this lace weight and the price that makes me not save up my pennies so quickly for it because I have never knitted lace before. However, this is going to be taken care of quite easily since I now have Victorian Lace Today. I just have not worked up to lace yet, but, by the end of the summer I am going to be a lace knitter, or at least have delved into it some (enough so I won't be so nervous about it).

I am having headaches today. For the most part they are quite dull but then there is a stabbing pain like someone is stabbing my brain with an ice pick. When that happens everything just freezes in me for a second and I wince and tighten because it f'ing hurts!

Still, I am up and I am dressed, and I am contemplating retrieving my knitting. Hubby's hat isn't far from coming off of the circular and on to the double pointed needles.

Because of an on-line knitting group I have joined, I have found a sock pattern for two needles, which I am most tempted to try. I have yarn for socks waiting to be used, even though Hubby says he doesn't want socks. So, I may just make some "slouch socks" for myself, or one of my friends, or one of my sisters.