Thursday, April 26, 2007

Knitting, Meetings, and Life Marches Forward (I'm tired already.)

Finally! I have made a hat that meets with my approval as well as Hubby's for his head! It really was a quick knit and would have been quicker if I had indeed just kept to the needles and kept working on it. Why didn't I? Because I was going to PT and today I went to a local business college and worked out when I need to apply for classes for a B.S. in Paralegal Studies. Yeah, it is hard for me to believe as well. I mean, here I am over the ripe age of 40 and I am heading back to school for a degree that will let me work in a law office, or some place for at least part time. It boggles my mind at least.

Classes begin on June 25th and orientation -- my gosh, orientation of all things -- is on June 21st. It is as if everything is moving so quickly for me, and Hubby. He is also considering going back to school to become a teacher. Between you and me I believe he would make a wonderful teacher. I hope he goes through with it. This way he would, hopefully, always have a job, one he liked, and he could even have summers off, which is even better for him, and us.

I am going to have to work on making arrangements, of course. I need to make sure PT can happen in the afternoons, and if I have to go in the mornings then I need to make certain I can get to class on time and make sure I will have on some good dry clothes because pool work will be involved for a while I imagine.

Isn't it strange how you go along nicely and then one day you just can't go on any more in the same way. A change is needed and when you know what change needs to be made the steps to make it also seem to appear. And they have been there all the time. It isn't like a kitten opening its eyes for the first time to see the world; it is more like having a bandage on your eyes, or blinders, and when they are removed, when it is time, the blinders and bandages go away and you can see a path you need to take. The removal of bandages is how this feels to me.

Now all I need to do is make sure there is time to study, be with Hubby, be with friends, play with the animals, go to class, go to PT, and knit. No problem. Right?

It feels like a lot in front of me, but I feel more confident right now than I have felt in a good number of years. God surely will give me strength for all of these changes that are happening.

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