Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Survived!

A lot is popping around here of late. I have finally decided to get off of my butt, metaphorically and almost literally speaking, and get to doing some things that are actually important.

One thing I am doing is going to physical therapy at Cardinal Hill Hospital here in Lexington. Yesterday was my first actual physical therapy session and it wasn't overly challenging. Today, however, was one of the most challenging days I have had for a while. I went into the pool.

OK, for most people this is probably not a big deal, but when you can swim, and you really can't move all that well, getting into the water is almost terrifying; for me it is terrifying. Getting onto the liftchair that lowers you into the water made me clamp down on the inner part of my jaw to keep from screaming in pure terror. Even my therapist, her name is Jesika (a beautiful and sweet blond who is quite slender, but extremely strong). She kept asking me if I was all right.

At one point Jesika asked me if I was ready. My response was an honest one, "No, but just because I'm not ready doesn't mean I won't do it." She didn't quite know how to take that at first.

Hubby was there and stayed close by the pool but let me and Jesika work this thing out together. By the time I was relaxing it was time to get out of the pool.

I did some leg exercises in the pool and then did some walking. At first I was clinging to the bar with a death grip. By the time it was over I was not holding on to it quite as much, but did want to make sure I always knew just how close it was, or Jesika. I'm going back there next Wednesday for more pool work. If Hubby has a job by then I'll be doing this solo, except for Jesika. Having Hubby there today helped me relax a little because I knew he would get me out of there if I needed to be gotten out. Learning to trust Jesika so much is going to take time.

The second thing I'm doing is preparing plans for going back to school. I am going to go to Sullivan University, a business college here, and get a degree in paralegal or medical claims/information where I can either work at a law office or in a hospital. I am actually leaning toward getting both. If all goes well, tomorrow I will be going to have an admissions meeting and start filling out the financial aid papers and getting myself ready for classes which will begin in June.

Of course I have not given up on the writing either. I am possibly clinging to it harder now than I ever have before. Everything is going to work out. I have to try and help Hubby if I can at all do anything.

See, things are popping again.

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