Saturday, April 14, 2007

Movies, knitting, and TAXES!

OK, let's get the worst out of the way: I did our taxes. They are pretty much ready to go into the mail tomorrow. This year seems to have been a good year for us as far as returns are concerned. Although we aren't going to get a huge amount, we are still getting some back and I didn't have to worry about paying anyone else to do them for us because I did them myself on the 1040EZ form and the EZ form for state. If it ever gets beyond these I hope Kolbar and I are making tons of money so we can actually pay someone else to do the taxes for us.

Kolbar was actually quite encouraging and helpful yesterday when I did the beasties. He helped me prepare my coffee. Helped me empty the garbage so I could, of course, put more trash in the garbage can. And he even came in and asked how it was going a couple of times and once even gave me a hug (though I did have to ask for it).

We went to see Grindhouse at the Kentucky Theater. It is the oldest theater in Lexington and perhaps even Kentucky. It is beautiful and old and just added to the booming nostalgia of the movie itself. If you attended drive-ins during the Seventies then you will get this movie without a problem, plus, it will be something of a shock to see so many big names in pretty much bit parts. The second half of the "double feature" was my favorite. Girls kicking butt with fast cars. Plus, I can honestly say Kurt Russell can scream like a girl with the rest of them. His part was a departure for his heroes and how it all worked out was actually quite wonderful. Go see the movie. I highly recommend it. Since seeing the movie, however, I would love to have the soundtrack if I can just track it down.

On the knitting front today was the first day I actually picked up the needles in quite a while. The little project begun today is a cellphone carrier. There is going to be a longish strap involved to put it around my neck so when up on my crutches there isn't any worry with dropping it or having to leave it in another room. It is actually going to be quite useful once it is finished (tomorrow should do it) and will look pretty. I am going to raid our stash of beads and add some decorations to it to see what comes of it. I believe it is going to be downright cute! Yes, I am excited.

Oh, and the baby bibs are almost finished! I just need some pink ribbon to attach to the baby bibs and make one more. They look adorable and all pink an' cute and soft. Leave it to a brand new baby girl to bring the pink out in me.

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