Saturday, April 21, 2007

Festival and News Central for Lexington and Surrounding Areas!

Today was the Kite Festival in Georgetown, KY. Hubby and I had a wonderful time with Jaybird, Lil Jay Jr, and Jayette. Bright colored flags flapped in the breeze while bright colored flags fluttered in the sky above us. Kids were everywhere, as were people.

Since today was Earth Day as well, people were out-and-about just celebrating being alive here in Planet Earth. The festival planners themselves also thought of this and there were Chinese performers, Samoan performers, Latin, bluegrass music, Indian, and several other cultural groups performing as well.

There was even a bellydance club that formed and choreographed their own dances. Although some of the dances weren't awesome a couple of performers really did catch my eye and made me wonder if I could do some of the things they do. While watching them also discovered a bellydance instructor that said that, perhaps, I could be taught and that she had done dancing with more elderly people in nursing homes and hospitals to keep them moving and help them remain limber. This was quite encouraging.

Met several fiber arts people there as well. One woman has a yarn store in Georgetown itself and we talked for several minutes about yarn and where to buy it. Then discovered there was a pen with a real live llama in it (I SO wanted to sing llama-llama-duck but refrained. Are you proud of me Cheyenne?) and discovered there actually are places to buy roving, raw fiber, and spindles! Enthused!

Hubby also had a fantastic time because, well, he was able to meet a tai chi instructor who is a real tai chi enthusiast and actually will let you join his practice for free each and every Saturday. Can you guess where Hubby is going to be for the next few Saturdays? So can I. The odd thing about this is that I may actually be joining him some because they do tai chi in a chair and far differently from most people. I myself feel more encouraged about taking tai chi, or at least moving and settling with this sort of approach than any other.

And just what can I say about Lil Jay Jr! He is definitely Jaybird's boy. You can tell that by looking at him now. Will he grow to look more like Jaybird as he grows up or will he begin to favor Jayette more? I am curious to see. He is such a friendly and social baby! He caught my eye several times and just smiled and laughed and kicked and joined in our conversations to the best of his ability, and when Hubby didn't actually respond to him he just looked so confused. He is adorable! And talk about loving music! That kid is going to be dancing soon as he figures out how to get his feet under him. I just adore babies, especially ones like him. Plus, tonight is momentous for him because he has his very first taste of food (baby food that is) and it is going to be something absolutely yummy -- bananas!

The next time we are all out I am going to make sure batteries are fresh and in the camera!

Upcoming Events
May 17-20th there is an International Craft Festival in Berea, KY. There is even going to be a "knit in" happening and I want to join! Plus all kinds of neat things happening there. So excited about this one.

Andthe Llama and Alpaca Daze are in full swing. There will be fiber arts, lots of llamas -- you even get to groom a llama if you want -- and information about llamas; vendors, food, and fiber arts people. It will be fantastic!

I am so jazzed about these two festivals. Who is with me?

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