Friday, April 27, 2007

Feeling a bit better about the water.

I love turtles. Everyone who reads this blog knows this. Many times I have even said I feel like a turtle sometimes because my chair makes a nice shell and I am not as quick as everyone else. Cumbersome is a word I understand quite well.

During my PT session in the water recently the terror was something I had to fight with for a good 45 minutes before I could finally ease and let myself enjoy the water. The thought of going back into the pool/water has not given me nightmares, but I have noticed I really do tend to just push the date of the next visit from my mind (though I have duly recorded it in my planner so I will not forget when it is).

Knowing my dislike for the water and my love of turtles, Hubby found a video of sea turtles and sent it to me in an email. It was a beautiful video with wonderful music (sadly I can't embed it here or link directly to it for some reason successfully). Watching the turtle in the water become so graceful and beautiful helped something uncoil inside me. And, coincidently, a friend sent me a small wooden turtle charm in the post recently. Yes, I firmly believe God does give us little messages through people and events, now perhaps more than before.

Although my fear of the water is still there, something of the terror seems to have gone. We'll see how that goes once Wednesday returns. But, the next time I go into the pool I will have my little turtle charm around my neck, and I will keep firmly in mind the beauty of the turtle in the water. Maybe in the water, I can be beautiful and weightless, too.

Since I couldn't link/embed the video I received from Hubby, I give you another video of sea turtles. It is amazing to me how gracefully they move. Enjoy.

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