Saturday, October 30, 2004

John Denver-isms

For the past couple of nights, Hubby and I have been listening to JOHN DENVER'S GREATEST HITS. Yeah, we're nerdy like that and not that far away from being almost-hippies.

There should be a term for that place, you know. The place where you aren't hippies or hippie wanna-bes but so close some people look at you and call you "well-dressed hippies". It is an attitude I realize, and how you look at the world and believe the world can be a better place, and that we, as people, can make a difference on some level. You aren't being a hippie, but you have something in common with them. It needs a name, a place of its very own in our language and culture.

Sort of like John Denver. He was never a "true" hippie, but hippies love his music, folk buffs love his music, and people of creative natures usually love his music. He reached out across a lot of spaces and his music touched people. He sang and wrote about feelings of loneliness, hope, love, and accepting who you are, no matter how much you've been fighting it.

That's what I thought of when I went to sleep last night, and again this morning when I woke up. Then, another thought hit me - I want my writing to be like John Denver's music: I want it to reach out across all levels so people will find something of themselves in it and maybe like it, and discover a unity between themselves and others out there who may, or may not, be so far from themselves.

Friday, October 29, 2004

So Much to Write, So Much to Say, and Don't Have a Clue Where to Begin!

Lots going on all of a sudden.

Habitat for Humanity House

The Habitat for Humanity House next door will be finished today. They have built it in a month and, I would expect, the neighbors will be moving in some time this weekend, if not beginning tonight.

Because the Habitat for Humanity House has gone up our back yard is being looked at very closely by the City Inspection Code Enforcement people. It's the back yard for crying out loud! No one's back yard looks spiffy here on this street because we're just working people! Hubby has worked on the back yard each day he has gotten home this week. If it isn't cleaned up we're going to have to pay $100 fine! Give us a break! If we're getting fined, why isn't everyone else on our street. Me thinks it is because we are directly next door to the Habitat for Humanity House. Please, bureaucrats need to get a grip when it comes to pictures! Besides, the only picture going to be taken of that house and this street is our side and the front of everything! And, the front of our house looks great I must say.


The long wait is over, and it really doesn't seem like a long wait at all. Just yesterday it seems there was campaigning and debates and the bit conventions happening. Now it is time to put up and shut up. Shutting up may be the best point of everything right now.

When the campaigning first started I was 110% behind Kerry. Then, somewhere in the middle, he changed what he was saying and speaking on. I was thunderstruck! He took a tack that seemed he thought would actually get him into the White House it seems instead of what he had originally been saying of what he wanted to do for the people!

It just hurt me to see him become a politician.

Now I'm not 110% behind Kerry. I'm not even 50% behind him now. I don't want to vote for Bush, but I'm not at all convinced I can vote for Kerry. If he changes his positions now, what is he going to do if he gets into office? And it hasn't been the media that has made me waver in my decision here or made me doubt. It is watching the debates, it is going to each candidate's web site, it is looking into reports and trying to be an informed voter.

This is actually the first election I've voted in for a couple of years. I didn't feel as if my vote mattered (and it didn't last time because of the coupe), and now I'm wondering if my vote is going to count at all still, but I have to do something.

No one is for the common person. No matter what is said or done - no one in politics is for the common man. They never have been. They never will be. It is all just a big political power struggle and people are being duped into believing they matter. Part of me still wants to hope it can happen, but each election that passes I am becoming more and more jaded.

Still, this year I will vote. I will cast a vote for who knows when I get there. And I'm voting because I'm afraid not to vote this time. Why? If I don't vote and at least make an attempt, I'm going to feel horribly guilty about so many things!

Mass Transit Ticket

Here in Fayette County, Kentucky, we have a horrible mass transit problem. Tied in with the mass transit is the WHEELS program which allows people in wheelchairs like myself to get out. The local government in its wisdom, wishes to cut the mass transit buses - if that happens, the WHEELS buses will also be cut drastically. There aren't enough buses as it is for those in wheelchairs and a cut would make it nearly impossible to get out and do anything. So, I am going to go and vote we keep the mass transit system we have and to improve upon it. I am urging everyone who lives in Fayette County, Kentucky (which is Lexington) to vote the same. One of the best things about cities is the ability to get from place to place - why should Lexington, Kentucky be any different?

The Novel Approacheth

Monday is November 1st. D-Day for the novel writing to begin. Right now I am chomping at the bit to begin writing and holding myself back is a small problem. There are already copicious notes made and I'm looking for writing music to accompany me through the endeavor. I've researched a little and know I will need to research more.

The story itself is in my head and spotty enough in all of the right places to make me wonder what is going to happen! This time I'm finishing the novel, doing a re-write and then sending it out! I'm not quitting this time because I think it is too hard. I'm going forward because it is a new challenge!


My rambling is now done ... I think.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Preparations Nearly Complete

I have done a little research for the novel which is fast approaching. I'm quite excited about it! There will probably be some research done as I go along to keep things as realistic as possible. Going to need major amounts of love and support Dear Readers! What and adventure for me this is going to be!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Have you ever truly thought about a gray day? It really just isn't gray in color, but in feeling. I wonder what the color gray would taste like.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

There ARE Zombies in the World!

Did you know zombies really did exist? People who are not alive and still aren't dead? It hit me yesterday, or, more correctly on Sunday when 2 + 2 came together and made 4.

There are people in the world who exist - they don't live. They put on a good show of living but never really DO anything with their lives. They never take chances unless those are the most safe chances imaginable. They fill their lives with purchases because they somehow don't want, or can't handle filling their lives with people and living. They exist. They don't live and view the sunshine with happiness or see beauty with kids playing on a playground. (Some view it a little too happily I must also admit and go after the Innocent, but that's something else to write about on another day.)

They don't smile at people, they just move along with their heads down or high and still don't see people or greet people. They go to work and come home and don't share anything of themselves with anyone except maybe the computer.

These same people surround themselves with people who are struggling to be alive, yet there is always one person there who is like them. There is another person who can't look to see anything good and uses excuses to keep themselves and others under control.

When these zombies of existence see someone who is happy, they want the same thing. They want the joy they have, but they are just too afraid to change to make something positive happen in their lives, and when they begin to change they stop because they don't know what will happen when that change takes place, and the familiar is far better than the unknown.

I know people do this about change, because the familiar is well, just that, familiar, but a lot of people go forward, no matter how slowly, into the unknown. The thing this other group seriously needs to consider is going so slowly they are not advancing at all.

Don't we all know someone who is a zombie? Just existing and never advancing? Never going out to explore life with joy and common sense? It doesn't take long for some zombies to go all the way down and hate the happy people in the world and try to bring down the happiness around them - even if it is just by a comment.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Author of Grief, Part II

Some people I know, cyber-wise and reality-wise, have asked the question of "Why did got let Evil into the Garden in the first place?!" Then they have proceeded to instruct me in the fallacies of God from Wiccan view point, Protestant view points, and philosophical view points. Alex, of course, just asked the question. *huge smile* None of my friends liked my answer, which I will share with you, Dear Readers (of course, Alex is just getting the answer so we'll see what he has to say when he says it).

Why did God let Evil into the perfect Garden, into Paradise, in the first place? He didn't. There is one thing a person of faith must accept and accept whole heartedly (yes, I know this will bring more questions): God is Omnipotent (all powerful), and Omniscient (all knowing). He knew what was going to happen when He made human kind. He knows all the flaws we have. He knows our selfishness and our selflessness coexist in us. He let decisions be made on both sides.

Evil (we will just let it rest as that for a name) came to the Garden to deceive and try and sway the new creation of human kind. How new it was is unknown. It was Evil's choice to deceive and corrupt and human kinds choice to accept and be swayed. God let Free Will happen and let human kind follow through with the consequences.

Someone said, when I had told them this, "So God doesn't care what we do! He just wants us, expects us, to screw up!" No, that isn't the case either. Of all things, God has Hope in us. We, as a species, a race of creatures, had more ability on this planet than any other Creation God had made. We are always striving for something better, a higher calling, to be more successful, and then to go forward and be happy. The problem is, people can never truly find what will make them happy in the world, but they can find something that makes their spirit happy. We are beings of body and spirit - the body was made first - and then our spirit was given to us. This links our body with our spirit. That is why when we do something horribly wrong we sometimes "feel sick" over it.

Like the most wonderful parent, God has hope in us that we will do the right thing. He gives us room to be individuals and to have Free Will. He knows all of the possibilities of the consequences from the choices we make. He doesn't try to force us to make the "right" choices. He let's us run into the wall sometimes because we take a stubborn moment and won't change.

It is the people around us, and even ourselves, that try to force others into accepting or doing what we perceive as right and good. Some people want power and to be able to say I did this or I did that. In reality we may have destroyed a hundred people to get what we desire.

It pleases me to know Orthodoxy has never had a "conquest" to change or convert people religiously as many other religions have done, and are still doing. We point the way and answer questions and leave it up to an individual to decide what they want to do, even if it takes then five or ten years of study to decide they don't want to accept Orthodoxy. It is simply their choice and we give them room to make that choice, accepting them as individuals and people.

The Orthodox faith isn't perfect, because it is composed of human people, but it does give more room than any other religion I know of to think and ask questions without being condemned. It gives people room to explore and make choices - just like a good parent, with God as the Father.

I never wanted, in my life, to see disappointment in my Daddy's eyes for me. He loved me and trusted me, believed in me far more than I deserved or had a right to even expect from him. And, I loved him more than any man on this earth, even my Hubby and best friend. Unfortunately, I did see disappointment in his eyes for me, but was able to win back the trust - his belief in me and his love for me, however, never once diminished.

God is like this. He has a region and expression of Hope for us, His creations, as no one else can. He Loves us with a love we cannot comprehend, and this Hope for us is inexpressible to the human mind.

God didn't "let" Evil into Paradise. He "let" human kind and Evil make choices, but He had unboundless Hope in human kind it would make a far better decision than it did. He still has Hope for us.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Author of Grief, Part I

Have you ever truly thought about who the author of grief is? On the surface it seems as if the answer is quite simple, especially in the Christian world - Satan. The Devil. The Evil One.

In the beginning of the Human race we were perfect creations of a benevolent God and given so many wonderful things. All creatures lived in peace. Then something happened, and, if the story is true, our free will got us into trouble, but even then the first humans were merely kicked out of their perfect garden and several laws were laid before human kind to deal with its mistake.

Then, as human kind aged, greed and envy began to happen and Cain killed Able. Death happened in the world. If you look at it, if Evil had not tempted what was supposed to be good, then none of this would have happened? Right? It would be very easy to blame Evil for being the author of grief, but in reality, I don't believe it is.

You see, human kind, people, had the opportunity to stand up to the temptation of the fall and permitting death to exist. It wouldn't have mattered if it was male or female, truly. Somewhere along the way, human kind would have wanted to receive knowledge that made them just like God and The Fall from Perfection would probably still have happened. If "Eve" had stood up to the temptation, what would "Adam" have done later? Would he have succumbed?

So, what is the answer? Human kind is the author of grief itself?

I think, actually, it is a combination of the two. If Evil was so jealous of human kind it could not permit it to exist in its most perfect state, it does share the blame for letting death into the world and thus grief. It is also a good deal the responsibility of human kind, because human kind fell at the very first temptation they were given.

Evil is not the soul reason grief exists today in the world, nor is it the human race. I think it is an equal responsibility to both.

Because there was a tempter death exists and people must grieve at the loss of someone they so dearly love. Because of human kinds eagerness to be more than they were ready to be at the time death exists and people must grieve at the loss of someone they dearly love.

What would human kind have been had it not fallen? God has a plan for all things, but, as is humanity's want to do, it was too eager and wanted it all now. How sad to contribute to such an outstanding sorrow for the world now.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Feeling Better and Plans Are In The Air!

Excitement is growing for the approach of the writing of the novel. I'm feeling as if that great Grand Thing just out of my clear vision is nearing.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Beginning of a New Adventure...?

Have you ever had the feeling, and it's usually out of no-where, that you're on the verge of something really, really good? Well, that's where I am. Despite my pain level being ungodly high recently and feeling like crap physically, emotionally and spiritually I'm soaring. I'm heading toward something grand, something good and it feels wonderful.

I've an inkling the great Grand Thing has to do with my writing, but I'm not positive, not sure of it yet. Not only that, but I know it has to do with something absolutely creative and good for me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A short poem

A short poem for the day while we wait for more submissions.

Do not republish. This is not my work and I do not claim any copyrights to this material.

By Shane Stewart
Copyright (c) 2004 by Shane Stewart

For those of us, those few dim lights,
Those who fail, falter, fade,
Stutter, stumble –
For those who attempt yet somehow
Fall short,
For those who stood and stared
Failure in the face,
There is nothing to compare
To that moment
When as we stare at Failure
And Failure stares at us,
We straighten, rise,
Strengthen, smile
And bid Failure good bye.

Shane Stewart

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"A quandary on the horizon, Cap'n!"

No matter what happens, November will see a novel written. Problem: Now I have more than two ideas for a good novel. One is about TK as you all know, and the other is a new idea, a horror idea with Dram Warrensfield as the central character. The third is about my dear werewolf! Oh, the choices!

Also, part of me is dying to just start writing it long-hand to see how fast it can go and how far. There is even a journal waiting for a novel to be written in it in my writing bag!

I know, if I wrote it long hand I would have to type it all in as I went. Would that be so bad? There is a very practical part of my brain screaming it is; however, the creative side of me thinks of the feel of the pen in hand and the words literally flowing onto paper!

I say again ... Ah, the choices!

Monday, October 18, 2004

I Can't Believe I Did This...Moment

I said I was never going to do it, but I collapsed and did it. I joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Why? Because I want to finish TK's story and if I have something pushing me forward with a deadline, I just may actually do it. Well, I'm going to do it.

In the beginning I was feeling guilty because TK has already been started, but today, as I was looking over my novel I realized I screwed up terribly between points A and B so guess what.... I have to start over.

This time I am making copicious notes and not really working with an "outline" per se, but actually a loose diagram of what I need to happen to get to point Z or at least X.

So, I will be starting over in time for NaNoWriMo. *shiver* So, an entire novel in a month. I know it can be done, and all they are asking for is 50,000 words. I'm pretty sure I can come up with that, and it doesn't really have to be finished as in a completed project by then. Still, it will take me really working and cracking to get the word count. My most important worry is keeping the story on track. I mean, I could write absolute garbage to reach 50,000 words.

There is a week bit of excitement as well. There is a potential for submitting this novel somewhere and having it accepted, and that is one of the most important things. Well, there are two major important things I want to have accomplished: 1) a good story is told; and 2) it makes it to its conclusion.

So, for the month of November you all may be coming with me on this wild ride of novel writing. Let's hope I succeed and don't kill anyone in the house, or outside of it! Just kidding.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Time really passes slowly when you want to get out into the sunshine and enjoy it and can never seem to get there.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Open Call For Fiction

Wednesdays are open for fiction. Check out the guidelines or e-mail me and I'll give them to you. Send in that fiction!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Art of Reading a Book

Last night with nothing on television, I settled myself down to read Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes. Sometimes the debate caught my attention, but, for the most part, I was lost in reading the book.

I loved the feel of the book in my hands, the feel of the pages as I turned them. I was warm and comfy and the animals were scattered around my feet. Even Hubby grabbed a book and did a bit of reading, but he went to the computer (because he doesn't really have any computer time during the day).

My imagination latched on to words and scenes and descriptions and helped bring the book to life before me. Like most things, the book is absolutely nothing like the movie. They are so totally different I can look on the book and it is brand new, nothing like the movie - they are separate entities and I love them both for their differences.

Like all good books, this one has me thinking and looking at my home without a critical eye. For the first time I am looking at my house, my home with an eye to what it could look like and I am quite pleased. Isn't that part of what makes a book wonderful? The spark of ideas.

Reading a book isn't something that should just happen - it should be enjoyed like tasting the purple of a grape!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Mists of a Gray Day

It's gray outside. The sky is gray. The trees have an odd gray overlay to their bright leaves. The very air you breathe into your lungs is gray, feels gray, tastes gray. It is one of those damp gray days where no rain has fallen, but the moisture in the air is heavy, pregnant with more than just the possibility of wet. It is one of those gray damp days where you automatically pull the sweater or coat tighter around you when stepping outside, not because it is all that cold, but the gray chill just might enter you some way and make its home there - so you pull your coat, or sweater tighter around you in hopes to protect yourself from it. Still, like a moth to a cold gray flame, you still go outside. You still look up at the sky. You still shiver in the chilled, damp air.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Patron Saint of Cooks

Our Lord made it quite clear that we all have different talents and abilities, which should always be used for the greater glory of God. The Saint depicted on this morning's Bulletin cover is a prime example of the unique ways Christ can be served by us.

A simple, but pious young man, ST. EUPHROSYNOS had a greater desire to spend his life on Mt. Athos as a monastic. But what type of work was he best suited for there? He was not a scholar or a liturgicist. He had no administrative skills. A place was found for him, however, in a kitchen of one of the monasteries. While others may have found his labor meaningless and degrading, Euphrosynos joyfully went about his business of preparing meals for his fellow monastics.

One night, the abbot of the monastery had a strange dream. He found himself in Paradise, where he saw Euphrosynos, who gave him three golden apples. When the abbot awoke the next morning, the apples were on his pillow. It is said that the apples had miraculous powers, but Euphrosynos never experienced them. Embarrassed by the attention that this dream brought him, he fled the monastery and sought refuse in a desert cave. Here this 9th century saint would remain for the rest of his life.

The Orthodox Church commemorates Euphrosynos the Cook each year on September 11/24.

The Orthodox Weekly Bulletin

Monday, October 11, 2004


I found out today through talking with a friend Christopher Reeve had died. Probably like a lot of people I was stunned at first, then sad, then we let the conversation drift over to other topics. After having hung up the phone I really let myself just be and found myself quite sad.

I have loved Superman since I was in the hospitals growing up and fighting the pain. Superman, for me, was someone who would keep his word and help me when no one else would dare to try. He was someone that believed in himself and in others until proven wrong, and he was smart. Really smart. Superman was someone I really liked and exhibited qualities I would have liked to find in friends and, one day, in the love of my life.

As I grew older I watched the Superman movies and found someone who made Superman really come to life for me. Then, later I saw Somewhere In Time and fell in love with a man who would defy everyone, including time and death to get to me.

When I found out Christopher Reeve had been injured in a horseback riding incident I was stunned like everyone else, then, as the time went past, I came to admire Christopher Reeve as a man far more since I had had several quadriplegic friends in my life. That he kept his sense of humor and he still was so outspoken was remarkable.

Now, now he has gone to the Great Rest. I hope he knew God. It would really be wonderful to get to Heaven and have Superman there.

*a thoughtful sigh*

Hubby and I watched Under the Tuscan Sun Friday night. I've been wanting to see the movie for a while, but, Hubby is a guy and doesn't really like to watch "girlie" or "chick flicks" all that much. It was a wonderful treat for me he finally broke down and rented it. I have to say I loved every minute of the movie, especially the thoughtful parts about putting your life back together again after something devastating happens. For the main character, Frances, it was a divorce.

As I watched the movie I found myself reflecting on my life and how it has changed and continues to change, because that is what life seems to do for you, change things about you - your circumstances, hopefully, are never the same, if they are then, perhaps, something is wrong. (Then again some people are quite happy with nothing ever changing for the better or worse, they like the status quo of boredom. I've known a couple.)

Through the progression of the movie you discover, with Frances, you have to actually do something to make your life change. It doesn't just happen, although sometimes it feels like it. We make choices that lead us forward or backwards in our progression through life itself. We live because of the choices we make. And, if you perceiver, "happiness slips up on you" as Frances says at the end of the movie (if I haven't misquoted her - ah, a good reason to watch the movie again!).

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Shutter Bug 101a

I love taking pictures, as I've said before. Only recently have I begun putting some of the pictures I take in my blog or elsewhere. Part of me thinks "No one else is going to like the pictures I take or find interesting." Now I am slowly coming to the conclusion, "OK, not everyone is going to like what I do, so why sweat it? I like what I do and some of the pictures I take make me think."

This one is one of those pictures that makes me think. Everything close up is very clear, but the things a little further away aren't clear, but you can come up with a glimpse of what the images are. To me, that's like life. Sometimes the treats are close, just under your nose, and other things, things you know little about, are farther ahead and you have to sometimes leave where you are to find those out. Just make sure you know how to get back.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

An Interesting Blog Note

I was roaming around the Blog world and looking, really glancing over, many blogs. Some were in languages I couldn't read, others were, well, juvenile and uninteresting except for the "I can't believe he kissed me! Finally he kissed me!" That made me smile because I can remember saying the same thing several times in my diary when I was a kid.

I was on the verge of just giving up and going back and logging out when I decided to click one more time ... and hit gold! The blog is called The Corsair and is
here if you want to take a look. I highly recommend it.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Sometimes Change Is Good

Don't you just love how things change sometimes? I mean, look at cooking for example. If you take some raw meat, some vegetables, and some water with some salt and a few other spices, you put them in a pot and let them cook you have stew! Change. Another example: If you take flour, add water, some sugar, some fruit of some edible type and bake it for a while you end up with a pie! Change. The items in the beginning have changed their internalness into something different with a lot of the original good characteristics they had before.

Why am I mentioning this? Because, for the first time last night, I looked in the mirror and saw the possibility of change within myself.

Hubby and I were working out and I was on the sit-up machine and paused between sets and glanced at myself in the mirror. Usually I try and ignore what I see there. I mean, I don't have the body I want and it doesn't make me feel better to see it in all of its sweaty glory. You know?

Well, last night, during my pause between sets, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt a chill go down my spine. I could see what I wanted to look like underneath the surface of the unshapely form looking back at me.

It was as if I had two bodies. One I currently have and am molting ever so slowly, and the one I want just there, just underneath it all. That has never happened before. I smiled at myself in the mirror and felt something change inside me, something warm and filling like warm apple cider.

What was that feeling? I knew I had felt it a few times before, but couldn't quite place my finger on it. The feeling is still there, rolling and tumbling inside me like a happy kitten. It wasn't until today I figured out what the feeling was: love for myself. It has been a while since I've felt that. Hopefully it will stay a while.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Beauty's Flash

Today I went outside with the dogs and sat on the back porch for a few minutes. The sky was a brilliant baby blue with a dappling of cloud streaks making the sky look almost marbled. The birds were singing so joyfully, as if Spring had returned. A squirrel was up in our mulberry tree and chirped and twittered at me, annoyed for disturbing his peace and probably placing his (or her) life in danger by letting out the dogs.

The warmth of the day seemed to fill my skin, my bones, my heart with joy, too, much like the birds. The dogs ran about playfully, even the 13 year old Teddy. They seemed to care less if they actually did their business as promised, but wanted to soak up the warmth today as well for themselves.

It did feel like mid-Spring out there today. Everything had a brilliance to it that has been fading slowly of late as Winter approaches on slow, steady feet.

Today is the sort of day to go out and enjoy yourself doing something else other than what you're supposed to do in celebration of its very existence!

What can I come up with to do?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Material on the Bed

None of my sewing projects are done yet. Why? Because I haven't found a large enough place to cut my material. Today as I was puttering around the house it hit me! The bed! Mommy used to cut material and patterns out on the bed all the time when I was growing up. I can do the same!

When this thought hit me I was filled with a different warmth, a warmth I haven't known for a while. It is a good thing, a wonderful thing, a memory thing.

In seeing this answer to my problem it is almost as if Mommy is telling me, showing me what to do. Now I understand not all the lessons we learn in growing up and growing older are truly lessons learned from teaching, but also from glorious example. My Mamaw did the same thing.

This is a good day and tomorrow will be an even better day because I don't feel quite so lost suddenly.

Fall Has Arrived in the Bluegrass

It is very cool outside - 61*F. Hubby is convinced it isn't, but, then again, he can go out into the snow in bare feet and not be phased. For me, it is cool. It is time for wrapping an afghan over my legs and drinking hot teas and cocoas with a splash of coffee. I may just enjoy this Fall after all.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Is Nostalgia Always a Sad Feeling?

Last week, Hubby and I went to Richmond, Kentucky for his doctor visit and we did a few visits while we were there. Hubby went to visit one of his friends who now has a store of his own, which is a good thing. Not very far from the store is the old Dominoes building.

It is empty now and the paint is dull. When I was going to college at Eastern Kentucky University it was the place to go and get pizza. Best deals, many kids could walk to it, and, well, it just looked cool with the Dominoes colors painted so vividly (then). It was the era of The Noid and it was wonderful to get those plush things from Dominoes.

Seeing it now and remembering it then made me sad. I loved the memories it brought back to me so brilliantly, yet it made me sad to see the paint dull and faded and the shop itself empty with a large FOR SALE/LEASE sign on it.

Straight across from it is a strip club. That also did not exist in Richmond when I was going to college. Rumor has it (I myself have not ever been inside it, nor has Hubby) that the girls only strip down to a g-string and pasties. Richmond, Kentucky is a very small town but, coming from Stinnett and Hyden, Kentucky, it was huge way back then. What would the guys I knew in my college days have done if the strip club had been there then? I can only guess.

Things change. Some people advance with the change and grow, while others do not, but the core of the person usually doesn't change - it just takes on a different aspect of growth.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Something I Haven't Really Thought About

Sunday I had to miss Church service because of pain. Hubby got me a flyer for the day and on the back of it is something absolutely wonderful to read, so I thought I would share it with you all.

The Power of the Written Word
Do you realize that Jesus Christ did not put even ONE of His divine thoughts into writing? Fortunately, men like the Evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did, enabling us to learn the wonderful and meaningful teachings that our Lord gave to the world.

Throughout the course of Church History, the written word has had great significance and importance. The works of suck illustrious Church Fathers as Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom have been preserved and handed down to us. Their sound explanations of the Scriptures as well as their commentaries on daily living have been of great value to the Christians of later generations.

When Holy Orthodoxy reached the shores of America at the beginning of the 20th century, there was a scarcity of books and publications available about our precious faith in English. Consequently, the Church found herself in a time of crisis: if we could not LEARN about Orthodoxy, how could we be expected to LIVE it? Through the grace of God, however, the potential gravity of this situation was recognized by the hierarchs of all jurisdictions. Catechetical materials for faithful of all ages now exist. Every diocese has their own newspaper and other publications for the edification of their own flock. The printed word not only provides permanence and has regularity but also offers participation to the layman. Many brilliant Orthodox Christians have left us their thoughts. Yes, we can be rightly proud of the use of the written word in today's Church. May it continue to be a "light" to enlighten a darkened society!

I've Missed You! Have You Missed Me?!

I'm back, at long last, I'm back blogging away to my heart's content and hopefully to your all's as well.

The past few days have been pretty pain-filled for me. The elevating leg rests for my wheelchair have yet to arrive, so my real knee, so very arthritic as it is, has been stressed and is just letting me know its displeasure with how I am sitting every day. Also, the weather is changing and that also puts me down for a couple of days. However, have good meds now ((r)Bextra for those who would like to know), and it seems I may just be able to face fall and winter with a modicum of grace instead of pure out-and-out agony.

So, here I am, back again and feeling better than I have for days.

Even emotionally I am feeling better. I'm feeling as if I'm actually going to make it through so to speak.