Tuesday, October 26, 2004

There ARE Zombies in the World!

Did you know zombies really did exist? People who are not alive and still aren't dead? It hit me yesterday, or, more correctly on Sunday when 2 + 2 came together and made 4.

There are people in the world who exist - they don't live. They put on a good show of living but never really DO anything with their lives. They never take chances unless those are the most safe chances imaginable. They fill their lives with purchases because they somehow don't want, or can't handle filling their lives with people and living. They exist. They don't live and view the sunshine with happiness or see beauty with kids playing on a playground. (Some view it a little too happily I must also admit and go after the Innocent, but that's something else to write about on another day.)

They don't smile at people, they just move along with their heads down or high and still don't see people or greet people. They go to work and come home and don't share anything of themselves with anyone except maybe the computer.

These same people surround themselves with people who are struggling to be alive, yet there is always one person there who is like them. There is another person who can't look to see anything good and uses excuses to keep themselves and others under control.

When these zombies of existence see someone who is happy, they want the same thing. They want the joy they have, but they are just too afraid to change to make something positive happen in their lives, and when they begin to change they stop because they don't know what will happen when that change takes place, and the familiar is far better than the unknown.

I know people do this about change, because the familiar is well, just that, familiar, but a lot of people go forward, no matter how slowly, into the unknown. The thing this other group seriously needs to consider is going so slowly they are not advancing at all.

Don't we all know someone who is a zombie? Just existing and never advancing? Never going out to explore life with joy and common sense? It doesn't take long for some zombies to go all the way down and hate the happy people in the world and try to bring down the happiness around them - even if it is just by a comment.

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