Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Author of Grief, Part I

Have you ever truly thought about who the author of grief is? On the surface it seems as if the answer is quite simple, especially in the Christian world - Satan. The Devil. The Evil One.

In the beginning of the Human race we were perfect creations of a benevolent God and given so many wonderful things. All creatures lived in peace. Then something happened, and, if the story is true, our free will got us into trouble, but even then the first humans were merely kicked out of their perfect garden and several laws were laid before human kind to deal with its mistake.

Then, as human kind aged, greed and envy began to happen and Cain killed Able. Death happened in the world. If you look at it, if Evil had not tempted what was supposed to be good, then none of this would have happened? Right? It would be very easy to blame Evil for being the author of grief, but in reality, I don't believe it is.

You see, human kind, people, had the opportunity to stand up to the temptation of the fall and permitting death to exist. It wouldn't have mattered if it was male or female, truly. Somewhere along the way, human kind would have wanted to receive knowledge that made them just like God and The Fall from Perfection would probably still have happened. If "Eve" had stood up to the temptation, what would "Adam" have done later? Would he have succumbed?

So, what is the answer? Human kind is the author of grief itself?

I think, actually, it is a combination of the two. If Evil was so jealous of human kind it could not permit it to exist in its most perfect state, it does share the blame for letting death into the world and thus grief. It is also a good deal the responsibility of human kind, because human kind fell at the very first temptation they were given.

Evil is not the soul reason grief exists today in the world, nor is it the human race. I think it is an equal responsibility to both.

Because there was a tempter death exists and people must grieve at the loss of someone they so dearly love. Because of human kinds eagerness to be more than they were ready to be at the time death exists and people must grieve at the loss of someone they dearly love.

What would human kind have been had it not fallen? God has a plan for all things, but, as is humanity's want to do, it was too eager and wanted it all now. How sad to contribute to such an outstanding sorrow for the world now.

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Alex said...

I think we invented evil because we didn't want to take any responsiblity for our own doings. If you want Free Will then you have to deal with the Consequences. Popularily expressed, it is The Butterfly Effect. If Satan exists, which I believe he does, I doubt he is very busy because humanity through Free Will and Consequences does 99% of the work!! What intrigues me most at the moment is "Why was evil let into the garden in the first place???"