Sunday, October 10, 2004

Shutter Bug 101a

I love taking pictures, as I've said before. Only recently have I begun putting some of the pictures I take in my blog or elsewhere. Part of me thinks "No one else is going to like the pictures I take or find interesting." Now I am slowly coming to the conclusion, "OK, not everyone is going to like what I do, so why sweat it? I like what I do and some of the pictures I take make me think."

This one is one of those pictures that makes me think. Everything close up is very clear, but the things a little further away aren't clear, but you can come up with a glimpse of what the images are. To me, that's like life. Sometimes the treats are close, just under your nose, and other things, things you know little about, are farther ahead and you have to sometimes leave where you are to find those out. Just make sure you know how to get back.

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