Thursday, October 07, 2004

Beauty's Flash

Today I went outside with the dogs and sat on the back porch for a few minutes. The sky was a brilliant baby blue with a dappling of cloud streaks making the sky look almost marbled. The birds were singing so joyfully, as if Spring had returned. A squirrel was up in our mulberry tree and chirped and twittered at me, annoyed for disturbing his peace and probably placing his (or her) life in danger by letting out the dogs.

The warmth of the day seemed to fill my skin, my bones, my heart with joy, too, much like the birds. The dogs ran about playfully, even the 13 year old Teddy. They seemed to care less if they actually did their business as promised, but wanted to soak up the warmth today as well for themselves.

It did feel like mid-Spring out there today. Everything had a brilliance to it that has been fading slowly of late as Winter approaches on slow, steady feet.

Today is the sort of day to go out and enjoy yourself doing something else other than what you're supposed to do in celebration of its very existence!

What can I come up with to do?

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