Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Is Nostalgia Always a Sad Feeling?

Last week, Hubby and I went to Richmond, Kentucky for his doctor visit and we did a few visits while we were there. Hubby went to visit one of his friends who now has a store of his own, which is a good thing. Not very far from the store is the old Dominoes building.

It is empty now and the paint is dull. When I was going to college at Eastern Kentucky University it was the place to go and get pizza. Best deals, many kids could walk to it, and, well, it just looked cool with the Dominoes colors painted so vividly (then). It was the era of The Noid and it was wonderful to get those plush things from Dominoes.

Seeing it now and remembering it then made me sad. I loved the memories it brought back to me so brilliantly, yet it made me sad to see the paint dull and faded and the shop itself empty with a large FOR SALE/LEASE sign on it.

Straight across from it is a strip club. That also did not exist in Richmond when I was going to college. Rumor has it (I myself have not ever been inside it, nor has Hubby) that the girls only strip down to a g-string and pasties. Richmond, Kentucky is a very small town but, coming from Stinnett and Hyden, Kentucky, it was huge way back then. What would the guys I knew in my college days have done if the strip club had been there then? I can only guess.

Things change. Some people advance with the change and grow, while others do not, but the core of the person usually doesn't change - it just takes on a different aspect of growth.

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