Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Sunday

It snowed again yesterday and last night. This time it was a fluffy snow that, according to Hubby, made wonderful snow balls when challenged by a ten year old at Church. At least he got to pitch a few snowballs today and enjoy the cold and snow itself.

For myself, I did not go to Church so I could actually get some extra rest because we have finally come full circle and are releasing and relaxing from the eight month long stress of closing on our house. Finally we have our home. It is ours. It belongs to us and we do not have to move at the end of a year or renew a lease. Can you possibly imagine how much stress these past eight months have been for me and my darling Hubby? Immeasurable!

It started off easy and then we had to start jumping through hoops and having our hopes dashed somewhat repeatedly right when we were told that we would be given a closing date. Each and every time it seemed like it was over another hoop would appear and another danger spoken that we might actually have to move and the bank was suddenly uncertain whether or not we were actually going to get the loan for the house.

Yesterday both me and Hubby had bad headaches and our sinuses were really acting wild and crazy. Today I feel like I have a cold, which does not help me to feel wonderful, but I am doing better than I was yesterday and am determined to go to work tomorrow because there really isn't a chance for me to take off just because I don't feel well or just would like not to have to go. Paychecks are wonderful incentives for going to work.

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