Monday, October 22, 2007


Start Running
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I am addicted to Disapproving Rabbits. There isn't any possible way for me to have a house rabbit at my place because of my loverly dorgs and kitty-Cappa, but there are moments when I would sincerely love to have a soft, fuzzy bunny to cuddle with. Do bunnies cuddle well or am I just hoping, wishing they do?

Every day I go to my favorite rabbit page and sit and smile. Even when the day is horrible there is something about seeing all the disapproval present that makes the day not quite so bad. This photo is of today's disapproving rabbit, and how can I not smile? This little cutie is giving the world the perfect look, and, if I was, say another rabbit, or even a cat, I might just run myself! I can also remember my own pet rabbits and how they could leave a nice bruise or three from kicking when someone new or different picked them up.

So, I give you bunnies today. I thought it was appropriate since it is Monday.

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