Thursday, May 06, 2010

Learning to Fly

There is a little brown sparrow that was laid and hatched in a tree in our back yard.  Now it has left the nest and is learning to fly.  Try as I might to capture his endeavors on film to share with the rest of the world, he keeps moving from one branch to the other, just a little further away than before.  His parents are still feeding him a little, but he is of good size now and they will soon pull back their aid and let him fend for himself.

Today I watched him flutter his way to the ground and do some exploring of food sources on the ground and then he looked back up, I believe at the tree, and perhaps wondered how in the world he was going to get back up there!  Finally he made it to our fence and then to the top of it, and from there to a low hanging branch of another tree, and his parents soon met him with a morsel of food to give him strength to keep on trying, learning, and growing. 

I feel much like that little bird today - I am just now spreading my wings in a different arena and trying to learn to fly.  It is frightening, but also thrilling.

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