Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day Weekend...Already

It is hard to believe this is Labor Day Weekend.  Traditionally this is the supposed end of Summer and the beginning of Fall in the U.S. of A.  Schools are already in session.  Colleges are in full swing around the nation.  College town populations have practically tripled over-night, and life has become even more hectic in a span of just two weeks because of the words "school is in session."  Labor Day Weekend is a way of taking a break, a breath to prepare for the Fall, for the business of school and harvest and a slowing down and getting ready for winter.  It is supposed to be a time to thank the American working people for doing a good job in their chosen work field.  Sadly, there really aren't that many workers out there at the moment to thank by and large. 

I am not going to sit here in my wheelchair and place blame on why so many people are out of jobs here in America.  It doesn't do any good.  It didn't begin with this administration and it probably isn't going to end with it or the next (but I can at least hope).  The rich really do get richer and the poorer, of which I am one (the latter, not the former), really do get poorer no matter how much there is scrimping and saving and planning and being careful.  The ends just get further and further apart instead of meeting some months than others no matter what you do, and yes, this happens to be one of those months when the ends are about as far away from meeting as they can get. 

But still, it is Labor Day Weekend.  My husband doesn't have to go to work on Monday.  He has a day off to rest and sleep in, and, hopefully, he can forget about the worries of bank accounts and bills and medicines that have yet to be purchased and doctors' bills that won't get paid this month but hopefully will get paid next month.  Because I have wonderful friends I have several Barnes & Noble gift cards so I can run away to Barnes & Noble as long as I can pay the Wheels bus to get me there, and, with luck ,there might be some money left over from the bills that will at least let me get there one day a week, or maybe two if I'm extra careful.  All the important bills have been paid with the husband's paycheck this time and my own and there is nothing left over, but this is still Labor Day and friends and us are getting together to relax and take a breath and prepare for cooler temperatures and harder winter months that lay ahead. 

All of us have made it this far with our families in pretty good shape and our friends are as strong as they can possibly be and lucky to have the jobs they have.  The sky is beautiful overhead with little puffy clouds like in a painting.  God is still in Heaven and looking after us: if He wasn't we would all be in far worse condition than what we are now.

So those of you who have jobs, relax and thank God for your families and for the jobs you have and rest from your labors for this weekend.  To those of you who currently do not have jobs I say hang in there, things will have to turn around eventually, God hasn't abandoned us; rest from the worries from the labor of looking for jobs for just a little while and take a breather so that on Tuesday you can begin with a fresh spirit to look again.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone.

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