Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I Want My TV Back

Do you remember those times when you sat down in front of the television set and actually had something to watch? Certain days were for certain television shows. Now, if you don't have cable, like me, you BEG for something good to be on TV before you start rummaging through your video and DVD collection for something decent to watch.

I don't know about you, but for me, I am tired as hell of the real-life TV crap the networks are trying to cram down my throat. Let's face it: We have enough "real life" happening and when I sit down in front of my TV, I don't want real life anything, except perhaps Celebrity Mole, and watch something made up, something someone used their imagination to create and entertain me with dang it! Where are the Knot's Landing-Dallas-Dynasty shows I used to love to watch? Sex In The City was ok, but it just didn't grab my attention like Alexis did when she was fighting with Blake Carrington. Now there were some shows!

And what about those wonderful action flicks you just couldn't get enough of like The A Team, and V? Does anyone remember Ron Perlman's Vincent from Beauty and the Beast? Most recently we had Xena and Hercules. What do we have now?

Let's see ... Andromeda which will be picked up by the Sci Fi Channel and no longer on network TV. We have Enterprise which took me a while to win me over, but is good. It isn't Star Trek: Next Generation or Star Trek: Voyager, but it smacks of adventure. It is nice to see how everything may or may not have begun with The Federation. We also have the CSI group of shows which aren't bad - I DO watch those now when I get a chance.

One show I found extremely enjoyable was Jake 2.0 and it bit the dust.

Now, what is left? Bachelor, Bachelorette, For Love or Money, Survivor? Please, haven't we had enough of this. The fad is over. We've seen all the mistakes made (and repeated several times) and now it is time for something creative and imaginative out there to be put on TV. Something that requires acting and film-making. Yes, acting and real film-making would be really nice to see Network Execs. Or are you so bloated from feeding off of the life-blood of what-came-before you don't give a damn about what we have now?

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