Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finals Are Here! Finals Are Here!

It is difficult for me to accept, believe, comprehend, etc., etc., etc., but finals are here for this quarter.  Classes are over as of today and I am having to waste time between one class and another.  In keyboarding I was informed that I had done all of the timed writings I needed and since I had handed in the very last packet I was free.  My head just didn't know how to think nor did my heart know how to feel. 
Earlier, in Introduction to Law, the instructor handed out our finals and said, "This is due Wednesday.  You are free to go."  Same feeling.
Between now and math is (now) an hour and a half gap and I am curious to see what we are going to do, if anything.  Since it is math I am sure Ms. Math will have something for us to go over in preparation for the final. 
The legal research project, the final project, is done and handed in.
After I take a make up math test tomorrow morning I am free to do as I please until Wednesday.
I have time to study.  I have time to work on only two projects and let myself feel absolutely relieved about them because I am confident I can do the work and will come out with relatively good grades.
I am not panicking.  I am not over worried.  I am at peace.  I've never been at peace before where finals are concerned.
Yesterday I had a lot of pressure to finish the legal research final project.  I didn't want to have to try and work on it as well as the rest of the final projects I thought I'd be doing.  It was a good project and I believe I did well on it.  Hopefully I did.  One project, intro to law take-home exam, and two tests and this quarter is completely finished for me.
Oh, and yes, I have already registered for next quarter and have my list of classes already.  I am actually becoming an organized student, as well as a more organized person.  Oddly enough, I had always considered myself organized (and I am compared to my husband), but now there isn't any doubt. 
Finals are here and I am ready.  Plus I finally feel like a human being!  The only thing wrong with me today is arthritis in my right shoulder.  With relaxation and some chi breathing, and Advil of course, and I am feeling much better.  So far have only had to take one dose of the painkiller Ultram(tm).  I'm going to make it!  I'm going to make it!

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