Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Libray Thoughts 11/18/08

Today I was at the library. As on most trips there, or anyone where else, I had my paper journal with me to jot down a few thoughts. Today, instead of a regular ink pen I had my traveling dip pen set. There were some things observed there that I want to share. Therefore, from my paper journal is the following:

SS and I are at the public library downtown. We are writing. He has already begun, but, as is my habit, I must first journal. It is impossible and unwise to break some habits. This is one of those for me.

We are on the fourth floor by the windows. There is wonderful light from above and to my left. We are sitting at one of those double-sided tables, like in colleges and most libraries. I had forgotten how unfettered being here at the library made me feel. There is such a sense of relaxation for me here. Freedom.

Until I get a job I think I am going to start coming to the library on Tuesdays. I am already going to be downtown seeing the employment councilor (except for next week – Thanksgiving week). Why not also come on down here and just write and give that quiet place of my soul some nourishment? However, if this does indeed become the Tuesday routine pre-employment, DH is going to have to start giving me some money: I am now officially broke. No funds.

There are so many homeless people in the library today. They are carrying everything they own in either a backpack or a couple of garbage bags, or Wal Mart bags. They are just as welcome here as anyone else. It makes me sad when I hear people talking about putting them (the homeless) out of the library. Where else are they going to go to get warm or be in the dry for a little while?

I think I will work on some more knitted scarves, hats, mitts, and fingerless mitts. This way, when I come down each week I can give them a little extra something to help them keep warm. I so dislike the cold and would really like to help someone else stay warm. Being warm is really important for being able to be happy and survive the winter in some semblance of peace.

When you put yourself in another person’s place, it is much easier to want to do something for them and actually take steps to do so. Is this another reason why Christ said to love your neighbor as yourself? Maybe I have just finally grown enough to see it.

People cannot stay within the library unless they are actually using it, which means reading or looking through books. Many times you will see the men and women pouring over books on art, or reading novels or the newspaper. Then again, there are some here who have a newspaper in their lap and are sleeping, their belongings tucked under their chair or on a table in front of them where they are sitting. A few of them don’t sleep, I have noticed - they just sit here and usually have a vacant stare in their eyes and rarely move as if they are almost made of stone.
Some of the “normal” patrons – those not homeless – either ignore them completely or eye them with fear and loathing as if they shouldn’t be forced to breathe the same air. Their attitude annoys me and sometimes tries to take away part of the wonderful peace the library gives me.

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