Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Day Approaches

For some reason, this year's Thanksgiving has snuck up on me. It seemed that not too very long ago I was planning for summer and school. Where did the year go? I have often heard it say that the older you become the faster time passes. It is sadly proving to be quite true. Still, Thanksgiving approaches and once again me and Hubby are going to be surrounded with loved ones. I am thankful for each and every one of you.
This year Cheyenne is going through a difficult time with his father's illness. Today he said that the "family Thanksgiving" - the one me and Hubby host every year once the traditional Thanksgiving is done on the traditional Thursday - was helping him to relax a little. In times of crisis and sick family members if you can remind yourself of normal, peaceful times, your brain and heart can give you a short break before it goes back to breaking into a million pieces. Usually these moments of normalcy are called "distractions", and I have never fully understood why - because you aren't distracted at all from what is happening. It is there in the back of your mind; it nudges here and there and always reminds you of what is happening and that you can do absolutely nothing about it.
However, when you can find a moment of normal happening, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, even a trip to the mall or library, and everything falls into place if only for a short time, you catch your breath and smile easier, and even laugh.
Therefore, this Thanksgiving is important for my little family. Cheyenne needs a place of peace, and all of my family and friends need to rest from all their labors and be Thankful for what they have. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been important to me, but not as important for those around me as this one seems to be. I am going to work very hard to give them the place for that rest and relaxation.

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