Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Question #1375

Today has been one of those days where I move slowly.  I move slow because my body doesn't want to be part of me.  I move slow because there is something in my head that just isn't quickly productive: it's productive, but doesn't move quickly from one task to the next.  I move slow because sometimes when I look outside at the sunny-then-gloomy-then-sunny day and something gets zapped out of me.  I can't say I have moved slow because of "lethargy", but it's as good a word as any for part of what has been going on with me today physically.  Mentally, however, there has been quite a different story!

My head today has been coming up with story ideas, plot points, lists of things to done, lists of things already accomplished, and a ton of other things that has almost cluttered my brain.  This has been going on all day today!  Can an over-active brain make your body lethargic? 

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