Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday? The MIDDLE of Septermber?

I haven’t blogged in a while. Not exactly sure why. There have been things for me to tell and stories to impart, but I just haven’t put myself in front of the screen to do much writing of any kind, other than the novel-writing kind. Two projects are going on simultaneously now. One is a SciFi novel/novella (still haven’t decided which it is yet), and the other is the paranormal romance.
There was a bit of a break on the PR because I was getting so frustrated. The due date was pushed back to November because of all the health issues going on with me, which has given me renewed hope of actually getting the best possible story told. So, why I getting so upset and frustrated? Because the characters weren’t acting right and giving me their story! They were being closed lipped and annoyingly quiet!

Yes, I know they are in my head, but they actually have a life of their own and when they decide the story isn’t going to be told for a while, well, it just doesn’t happen. Force them? I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. You try forcing a werewolf alpha female with mystical powers do something she doesn’t want to do. I dare you. It just doesn’t work, especially when the rest of the group back her up, including the conflicted wizard who may-or-may-not be one of the bad guys. Nope. They just don’t budge.
Luckily for me this has given me time to leave the werewolves alone to brood and plot, which they needed to do, so I could go onto another world and deal with an uprising with a shadowy assassin duo who are obviously in love and just fighting it as hard as they can. OK, they may not be in love in their minds, but they sure are in lust! This SciFi piece isn’t coming out any other way other than through handwriting. Now I am having to catch up on all the typing of the handwritten pages. I’m surprised at how many they are and a little nervous about looking to see what the word count for them is so far.

Along with the two novels(?) there is some poetry action happening. ….

So, I have done all of this writing, but no blogging. In not blogging I have discovered I need to blog. I need to share with someone what is happening in my head and on the page-paper-screen because most people around me, though used to me talking about imaginary people and events, still look at me oddly. My husband has even begun saying, “And your point is…?” It isn’t because he isn’t interested in what is happening in my many different worlds, but that he is tired of them, I think because I am really excited about these worlds and people. And, those of you who know me, you know when I get excited I GET EXCITED! There is no containing my enthusiasm and my love of what has gotten me all riled up. (He does the same thing when I talk about football *le sigh*.) Blogging actually lets me have a marriage and keep most of my friends simply because I can be so whatever-the-emotional excitement is to someone (I hope you are still reading). It helps get all the O MY GOSH GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TODAY! out of my system, or at least tone it down so the ones left around me can actually stand me. Except, of course, on those days when I have written so much my brain is coming out my ears by the end of the day and I’m drooling by supper.

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