Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Present and Upcoming

On the 21st I felt sort of draggy and then THE FLU hit hard . . . again. Now I am over it and things are rolling ahead, albeit just a little more jerkily than I personally would prefer.

In UPCOMING episodes of The News we could have some poetry and fiction publications from another talented writer on Wednesdays. (We'll know for certain once I receive the writer's answering email.) And THE WITCH WOOD DEMON is coming your way on Thursdays and possibly a Friday to get it nice and wrapped up. Once "the demon" has been secured, there is another piece coming at you on Thursdays from yours truly. It too will be serialized.

Also, there will be a face lift for The News since I no longer feel "black" and depressed any longer. What will it be? That is a question you and I will find out together Dear Readers!

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