Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good News of the Writing and Posting Kind

Beginning this Wednesday we will be delighted with a wonderful serial by a new writer by the name of M. Davenport. Other than that I am afraid I can give you no more details.

Also, beginning next week there will actually be something close to an actual schedule for everyone to keep track of regarding what is going to appear on The News and when such as poetry and ponderings, as well as fiction and other pieces of note.

The NWP is also beginning to be quite firmly moving forward. Here is to keeping fingers crossed and wonderful bottles of ink that may rarely go dry!

NWP is being done in a totally different fashion - I am using the dip pen and the bottle of ink I mentioned earlier. Every word is truly a labor of love and the words are much better. Yes, I am still using a thesaurus, what writer doesn't? However, the words I am choosing are different, better, or feel better. Sometimes the feeling is just as important as what goes down I am discovering.

Have a good day all.

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