Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Sun Shines Brightly...

Sitting inside the library looking out at the bright sunshine and typing an entry for here makes me smile deep down inside even if I am not so much smiling on the outside.

Have finally arranged for rides to the library for three days a week. In that span of time I should be able to update quite a bit if everything goes well. And, honestly, I am working very hard at making everything go well.

Still, to say I "miss" the internet connection at my house is something that is beyond unbelievable and truly unexpressable to me. This is one of my greatest avenues of information and, yes, I miss it. I hurt for it almost, like a long lost lover's touch. I miss it as much...almost as much, as if I had run out of ink (which isn't going to happen for quite some time because of the bottles I currently have). Running out of ink would be horribly bad. Just as painful as if I had run out of paper.

But there sun is out today. It is shining right out that window about 100 feet away from me and it is wonderful. It is warm. It is that perfect autumn day you hear it sung about, read about...right out there. So what am I going to do? I am going to take my pen and notebooks and secure myself a lovely table by one of those windows and I am going to write. I am going to write without fear and without care, and I am going to enjoy the sunshine with as much glee as a giddy schoolgirl with her first crush!

Tomorrow I will be back with stories and poetry. Tomorrow there will be more to post beside just thoughts and ramblings of a sad, stressed out woman.

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