Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The picture says it all...sort of.

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Well, a lot has changed in the past few days. My wheelchair has died. Dead. I am at home now doing as much homework as possible over the Internet and walking a good deal. Luckily there is a manual wheelchair I can actually sit in and relax and get out in with LOTS of help. I can't budge the manual at all.

Sullivan is working with me as much as they can possibly do and I must say I am getting close to adoring the teachers there. They are going beyond the call of duty for me to get my work and receive it. I am blessed to be going to school there, which is really amazing since I would have preferred to have gone somewhere else initially. It is a good thing God is in control, because I would have otherwise screwed up.

Tomorrow I go see more doctors and a person at a wheelchair clinic. I am hoping, though I probably shouldn't, that I can get a loaner from them until my permanent chair comes in.

Oh, and the writing project has 50 words on it. Yes, I know, it isn't very much, but there really has been a lot more on my mind of late than the story I began.

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