Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tai Chi and Yarn Therapy Make for a Happier Me

Yesterday was Saturday. Saturday is tai chi day. To my happiness I actually stood for part of tai chi and am planning to stand more. Even though I had to sit down to finish out the session, I can honestly say the way I sat on the edge of my seat and did the movements was much better. Smoother. More effective. A couple of times Just Bill came by and gave me a reassuring rub on the back which was just what was needed to let go of a lot of the stress that has been plaguing me recently.

"Lady Lin" helped me a lot during yesterday's tai chi session. She kept moving and showing me things I needed to keep and moved me into proper position a couple of times. In those moments of tai chi, everything seemed outside. Far away. I knew the problems were there, of course, but they didn't matter while learning and trying to learn the tai chi movements. It was a nice, warm place to rest in the middle of a storm with friends.

After breakfast Hubby and I went on our normal rounds of Georgetown and then to Stone's Throw.

I had yarn therapy.

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