Sunday, December 16, 2007

Settling Into Home

Finals are-almost-over. I have to finish one math test (yes, I know, but a girl does need some rest occasionally) and life will progress as close to normal as possible. Normal, as usual, is a relative term in most cases and here is no exception.

Since the quarter is over and I can actually sit and do some thinking and, thank God, some writing. This means also that The News will return to fiction and poetry and will be open once more to submissions at the beginning of the year.

Besides being open to fiction and poetry, as well as my own creative endeavors, there will be pieces of news that may or may not be fit to print and so much more. This time the loose form will be fun and not so strict as to make me, your happy Editor, go insane with even more horrible deadlines than what is required for school and such. Of course, the more personal matters will be on The Personal Side which will be a little easier to control. The blog over on LJ will continue to be personal and will also hold things that should not be published on TPS, as in "friends' only" posts. As everyone has come to realize, my life is an open book (more or less) and sometimes quite funny, and sometimes quite serious.

Everything has a time and a place, and I am feeling more confident about The News than I have in many a week, or perhaps many a month. Good things are going to happen with The News, my own writing projects, and school. It will take quite a lot of work, of course, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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