Monday, December 31, 2007

Say Goodbye to 2007

Another year has reached an end and we are fast approaching the eighth year of a new century. As each year passes I am continually surprised I am seeing it come in, and just a little sad to see one more year go away, although some years I can look back on and say good riddance with a joyous scuff of the shoes on my feet.

So what kind of year has this one been for moi? It has been a good one with a lot of changes, i.e. school (again), a new house, a happy smile or three, tai chi, and so many small things that when counted or looked back upon they make a pretty good sized mountain of just plain pure goodness. Am I sad to see this year go? No, not so much, because with all of the goodness and wonderful friends I have made over 2007, I can only look forward to 2008 with much joy and anticipation.

Resolutions? Not really "resolutions" per se, but good goals I would like to reach. Such as good grades in school, happy decisions, seeing friends more often, and taking care of my new little house. I'd also like to begin driving again, slated for June of this year, and I'd also like to have my electric wheels back so I can get out of my beautiful little new house independently. (I seriously miss that part of my independence and freedom.)

This year I am not going to put down goals such as 'lose weight' or 'stay more positive' because each and every time I make those goals for myself I end up sabotaging them either consciously or subconsciously. This year I just want to be more healthy and enjoy the life I have, whether or not all of the days are good or bad, it doesn't matter, just as long as something good was discovered therein.

It is also my fondest wish and desire for each and every one who reads this little blog has the best year ahead of them possible! God bless each and every one of you continuous readers as well as potential readers!


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