Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome New Year! Submissions Now Welcome!

A Few Personal Notes
The year 2008 has begun! It has actually been quite a good day for the new year to begin on for this household and Editor: As of today, Hubby and I are officially moved. As far as I know, there is nothing left over at the old house. We are free and clear of that cold, drafty place and life is looking quite positive and good, at least as far as house matters are concerned.

We have also celebrated Christmas and New Year's with some of our most loved friends and, as of merely a few hours ago, the house is empty of company and Hubby is snoring loudly from the living room couch. There is a bucket of mop water ready, but I just simply don't have the heart to wake him up and get him to move the couch for me. So, he snores while he is surrounded by loving dogs who are also soundly sleeping and snoring.

Submissions Are Now Being Taken at The News
As I said earlier, I am hoping to The News back on track as far as creativity is concerned. On this note, The News accepts fiction and non-fiction pieces 5000 words or less. No bondage stories, or stories of rape or torture are accepted. The News offers a by-line since it is copyrighted; however, no monetary payment can be offered, nor are any rights purchased: Your work remains completely and totally your own. Poetry is also accepted. Length of poetry varies, which means-it is up to the poem, not necessarily its length that encourages the acceptance, however, poems over 50 lines are a little iffy.

To submit a piece of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, or even if you would like to guest blog for a day, submit the piece in the body of an e-mail, or explain why you would like to be a guest blogger for a day to hahwriter@yahoo.com and I will attempt to get you as prompt a reply as is humanly possible.

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