Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Strange News Filled Day

I am not one of those people who usually make a point of watch the evening news except to catch the weather report. However, today as I was checking out a few things on-line I came across several news stories that made me sit quiet and read them. True, it wasn't or but Yahoo news, but still, I read news stories and enjoyed them. Yeah, it was shocking for me too, so I am including a wee bit about the stories I read today.

The first one to catch my eye was about a town, practically a city in Egypt. Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis and the really shocking thing to me is the fact it was listed as being in the Neolithic era. When I was in grade school, it was insinuated that the Neolithic period was when cavemen existed. Cavemen weren't supposed to have cities, roads, and farmed the land. Human kind is evidently far older and more advanced than what the people of knowledge wanted to admit before.

On a totally different note John Edwards has withdrawn from the presidential race. Now the only choice democrats have is Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. He did it supposedly to keep the party together and for the democratic party to move forward. Part of me can't help but wonder if he was threatened, or, sadly, bribed by the party to withdraw.

In entertainment news Duane "Dog" Chapman isn't going to be extradited to Mexico for kidnapping. Chapman is the guy on the reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter fame. A warrant was issued for his arrest from Mexico when he went into Mexico to retrieve a fugitive that had run from a serial rape trial. Mexico procloaims bounty hunting is illegal; so, when Dog and his crew went to retrieve the serial rapist that had run away from American justice he was being charged with illegally detaining a person. Right.

And finally, in Los Angeles, there is a now a marijuana vending machine at one of the medical marijuana sites. It is supposed to be cheaper and can be used 24 hours.

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