Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Duck Feeds Fish, News at Eleven

Hubby sent me this and I just had to share.

Doesn't it look as if the fish could just about eat the baby duck?!

It is raining here today, which is making me feel very much like an arthritic. Night before last I told Hubby rain was coming. Late yesterday it began raining and today it has rained the entire day. According to a friend of mine tomorrow it is supposed to snow. Who knows, this time we might get a modicum of snow on the ground, which will once again keep me from going to the rpg on Thursday; then again, maybe it will be just a light covering and not keep me indoors over much, especially since this is Hubby's birthday week and I have plans for said birthday. And Valentine's Day. Yes, plotting has begun for Valentine's Day!

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