Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snaffu Almost Lined Out

The life of a student is never easy. Besides making certain all deadlines are met, the parties to attend, and the real world that always manages to creep in makes it difficult to juggle everything needed to a) have a life; b) get the grades you want; and c) just keep from going totally bonkers. In order to completely do the classes currently signed in for I have needed a disk for a number of days. The school had them back ordered and then mine was mailed via UPS. It never got here, not in my knowledge nor Hubby's. According to UPS they delivered the package on January 10th to my side door. We don't go through the side door and, since we've had so much wind lately I seriously doubt it is out there. However, Hubby is being the hero and went to the school to pick up the needed disk and is currently on his way home with the package. Now, perhaps, I'll feel more like doing what I'm supposed to have been doing for the past couple of weeks.

Not having everything you need to accomplish a task puts a stumbling block in your brain, or at least it does mine. It makes me not want to do anything because I would only be doing a half-arsed job (perhaps not in reality, but to me this is how it makes me feel). With the disk firmly in hand perhaps getting all of this homework done will be something my brain will click into doing. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is what will happen.

Fingers crossed.

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