Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moanings, But the Snow Was Pretty!

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Finally managed to get the word processing exam done. It wasn't as difficult as it seemed at first glance. Isn't that the way everything usually is? According to one posting I had, since it is automatic, I received a 95% on one section. Since the other part of the exam was just changing templates and saving and editing documents, I'm pretty sure I got at least that much there. Now, all that remains to be done is catching up on the remainder of the homework and sending it in, which as been what has happened off and on all day today. With luck, it will be finished and caught up by no later than Thursday, just in time for all of the other homework to be due.

It snowed last night. According to Hubby, there was at least an inch, or an inch and a half at most. When I got up to see it this morning it was so pretty! The dogs went outside and romped and played until they could romp and play no more. My arthritis is acting up today, and our dog Gabby is also exhibiting arthritic symptoms today. Gave her half a Tylenol(c) and she is now sleeping peacefully beside me and Chewie.

Gabby snowy slumber

Chewie snowy slumber

And Cappa is peacefully slumbering on her chair giving her a clear view of what might be happening outside.

the princess on her throne snoozing

All is right with their world.

And what of JoJo? She is curled up on the couch and hiding her face--so no photos of her for today.

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