Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Marsh, a Pretty Good Movie

Plagued by disturbing visions, children's author Claire Holloway (Gabrielle Anwar) obeys her doctor's orders and takes a sabbatical, checking into the Rose Marsh Farmhouse. But instead of peace, she finds her worst nightmares come to life, forcing her to seek the help of a paranormal consultant (Forest Whitaker). Directed by Jordan Barker, this supernatural thriller also stars Justin Louis, Niamh Wilson, Joe Dinicol and Brooke Johnson.

Recently I have joined the masses in joining Netflix and The Marsh is the latest movie I have watched and I found it a most enjoyable film. Gabrielle Anwar is quite familiar to those who watch Burn Notice because she is the fiesty, sexy "Fiona", which was a big reason, in the beginning I chose to watch The Marsh through the Watch Instantly feature Netflix offers. Since I watch most of the movies I receive either on the PS2 with Hubby or on the computer it wasn't a challenge.

This movie had just the right amount of spooky and thriller with just the right amount of puzzle that you couldn't really figure out before you were supposed to, which was at the very last fifteen to twenty minutes of the movie. True, there was nothing new discovered about the ghosts that are haunting the Rose Marsh house, but it is a good story with believable characters and believable performances.

One of the more interesting performances was given by Forest Whitaker as Hunt, the paranormal investigator who doesn't believe in ghosts, instead he believes in people, because all people are is water and energy. If Hunt's character had been anything other than strong and intelligent, genuinely intelligent, the movie would have fallen flat on its pretty little face like many movies of late.

If you would like to see a pretty good movie that doesn't force you into undue expecatations and delivers a great deal of entertainment with just the right amount of spook, I highly recommend it. The run time is about 96 minutes if I remember correctly.

It receives four out of five stars. * * * *

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