Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Taking One Long Deep Breath...Exhale

This is finals for me. Every single class has a final involved. This means each and every time I go to class from here on out there is going to be a test. A final.

Yesterday in CSC there was a test over Access and there was also a pre-test for the final. I am confident on both. Not positive and wonderfully on tip-toes for joy, but confident. This coming Tuesday, June 3, is the final for CSC, before this however, there is the final in litigation. Tort law finishes up everything.

Quite honestly I am to the point of collapse mentally and emotionally. Why? There are a lot of reasons, one of which being my brand new electric/power wheelchair is at the shop because of a mishap riding the Wheels van - someone didn't pay attention to where they were putting the tie-downs and they broke something vitally important. This time, though, there is a power chair on loan to me. We are having to pay $120 for the use of it, but this is good as far as I'm concerned. I mean, I have to get out and about and to school.

Going to a completely different wheelchair with finals happening is causing more trouble than you can imagine. Last night I left scars on the elevator and walls of Sullivan because Tank, the wonderful loaner, has a mind of his own and we are having to learn to work together. It is akin to walking with someone else's legs, if you can imagine that. It is such an accurate analogy.

Today, though...I rest and just take it easy. I need a day to prepare mentally and emotionally. Today will be a day of peace and rest; knitting and movies.

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