Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The year 2009 is quickly approaching. It is deeply hoped in this heart of mine it is going to be better than 2008. So much has happened in this year to me personally that it feels good to look at the majority of this portion of the road that is behind me and muster up enough courage to hope that the next year is actually going to be better for me, my family, friends, and everyone else in the world.
Part of me is extremely worried about what this new year is going to bring. There is so much turmoil in the world right now where nothing is certain. Yes, I understand the uncertainty has been there all along and will continue into the future, but this time the uncertainty is almost palpable.
It may be wrong of me, but I am hoping President Obama can indeed make a positive change for this country which will in the trickle down affect me in the positive as well.
Hope is hard to come by these days with all that is going on.
2008 wasn't all bad. There were some bright spots in there, but, for the life of me, right now I cannot think of one single one to use as an illustration other than I have a job now and am employed.

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