Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He's Expecting His First Puppy!

Cheyenne is getting his first puppy not very long after Christmas. It is a lab/rott/boxer mix. To me this means smart/smart/smart. If Cheyenne can train the little fella he will have a wonderful companion! However, it is going to be somewhat of a culture shock for him because up until now all he has had as a pet has been cats. Currently he has three cats, which are going to totally freak once they realize their domicile is going to be compromised by a dog. This amuses me greatly. Cheyenne has never had to worry about whether or not his shoes were out of the way, or if the toilet seat was down, or if the toilet paper was where it was supposed to be. He has never had to concern himself with setting a get-up time just so a puppy can go to pee, or that he needs to make sure he has the right food and clipping toenails and all of those wonderful dog-owner things. Yes, dear readers, it amuses me, because when I see people get their first dogs I always acquaint it with someone having their first baby, which is what having a dog is like. The baby grows up relatively quickly, true, into an eight year old (or sometimes a 12 year old) child for the rest of the dog's life. Sometimes it is a great big culture shock. Sometimes it isn't. There is always several hours of panic scattered throughout the beginning though, just like a new parent.

I am going to be here to help him, of course, and I am quite confident he is going to be a good dog owner and friend, but he is going to have a lot to get used to, as well as a totally different mind-set to undertake, especially until he sees what kind of personality the puppy has or will develop. I am actually excited for and with Cheyenne, and, at the same time, very glad all of mine are grown up enough I don't have to worry about any of the newer things related to puppydom.

It is hard enough to keep up with the cool presents my pack is going to receive as well as to what they should get for Christmas! (Currently the things are stashed away nicely in the cupboard up away from prying noses.)

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