Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am sick with the flu. Right now I am feeling better, but I took off work today in order to try and beat this thing a little faster.

One really odd thing that I noticed today was that my body refused to just lay in the bed and relax. It had to get up and at least be up. I have not done anything major since getting out of bed, which, I think, has helped me start to feel a little better. I am going back to work tomorrow. It is my short day and easier to handle than a full day.

This was the last "free" day I have. It is going to take me six months of not missing any days in order to get this "event" taken off of my record.

Some times work sucks.

Still, I am thankful I am resting today and still have my little job. It is important to me to keep it and also important to keep it.

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