Sunday, March 08, 2009

The World is Damp

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It is raining this evening. Hubby and I were in Northern Kentucky yesterday and came back today. It looked as if it was going to rain the entire time we were on the road.

Our trip was cut short because we had some electrical problems with our van. Major bummer. There is a good chance it is going to be very expensive to fix, which means there are several signs pointing to the possibility we may be having to purchase a new van sooner than what we had planned.

It was wonderful just going up for the day and then deciding to stay over. I slept well, mostly because the bed had an extra firm mattress and Hubby was relaxed more than he has been for several months. While up there we saw Watchmen and I was surprised at how the directors and movie makers were able to get by with full frontal male nudity. I guess because Dr. Manhattan was completely CG (he was completely CG right?) they were able to get by with it.

Watchmen was a very well-made movie and told a very interesting story. It reflected humanity quite well, and, despite the bleakness of it, I can honestly say it was a very good movie. Since I had never read the Watchmen graphic novel(s) I knew nothing of what to expect. Hubby said he knew it was going to be a very dark comedy. I would have been happier with it if it had just been a little more happy. Well, not every movie is for me, of course. Hubby really enjoyed every moment of it, which was two hours and forty-one minutes of moment.

The drive home was beneath dreary gray skies, and it only began actually raining around seven o'clock this evening.

And now, I get ready for work tomorrow. *le sigh* Monday approaches at a rapid speed.

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