Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This is called DETERMINATION!!!

Have you ever seen a more determined creature? Or, more correctly, have you ever seen a more threatening creature? I bet this is the sweetest cat evar, until you threaten to take the pancakes away!

Yesterday I had technical difficulties at work so I actually sat myself down and began work again on the pretty, pretty drag queen's story.

It didn't just feel "good" to be creating something, of telling a story: It felt extraordinarily right, which was just what was needed to fuel the writing fire again and help me obtain the determination of said kitty. This time I am finishing the story. No more excuses. No more reasons. No more "I can'ts" because, to be honest, I am actually quite tired of the excuses. So what if it might not get published, I have enjoyed being a different person for a while and seeing how their lives turn out.

Yesterday the beginning word count for the pretty, pretty drag queen: 1,800

Today's additional words: 647

Total word count: 2,447

Yes, I know that today's word count is a lot smaller than yesterday's but the main thing that has me in the squee is that I actually sat me down and wrote some on the story.

Not going back and editing the thing is driving me a little wild, but getting everything down now is the important thing. All the errors can be fixed later.

Having gotten words down has actually made me feel quite accomplished. In fact, writing has made me feel better all around. It has been missing from my daily routine and it should never have been pushed to the back burner for whatever reasons that kept it there.

Now, I just have to keep the kitty-like determination on the writing as it does with the pancakes!

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