Sunday, March 14, 2010

Not the Day Expected

There were quite a few plans made for today. I had scheduled a WHEELS bus to take me to Church and then take me on to Barns & Noble where I would enjoy several wonderful hours of not doing all that much except only the things I wanted such as roam the stacks, purchase a lap desk, and blog and write to my heart's content with a cafe mocha at my side and a sugar cookie chaser.

It didn't happen.

Why didn't it happen?

My back went out. Just like that. Well, not exactly “just like that” because I lay down last night to go to sleep and shifted to get comfortable and all of a sudden there was searing pain down my back to my tail bone and all the goodness of the day just vanished as if it had never been. It was sad, really, and depressing.

This happening caused the husband to go to Church alone. He then proceeded to cancel his plans he had made for the rest of the day to come home and take care of me. Can you spell guilt​​? Yeah, I have felt really guilty today because of my back.

Currently it is better thanks to meds and qi gong. I did several exercises I had learned in class, including the first part of the standing section I had attempted to do. There was pain, but in gathering the qi there was some additional strength and protection that wasn't there before.

As I collected the energy I imagined that the energy, the qi (pronounced “chi”) was going to the injured, painful portion of m spine and was surrounding it like a golden bandage of strength that was reinforcing and protective. With this in place, I was able to make it from the bedroom to my wheelchair and then, once I was on my feet to do the standing portion, I again reinforced this image with more qi collection and even though the pain was there and intense, I was able to stand for almost five minutes and do what needed to be done. My back popped quite loudly at one point and has felt better. Hopefully this will continue. The feeling better part.

The remainder of the day today has been spent playing video game demos and just relaxing. The husband is currently playing Halo ODS and is enjoying himself immensely.

This week is going to be filled with a couple of doctor's appointments and, with any luck, a trip at last to B&N where there will be some relaxation and writing happening. In fact, I am considering adding a couple of B&N days to the schedule just because I have tried so diligently to get to B&N and wasn't able to get there. Since the time has changed, I will use it to get to where I need to go and when I need to get there. Plus, any where is a better writing place than my house at the moment. I need a change of scenery like you cannot believe or perceive.

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