Monday, March 15, 2010

Peter Graves of "Mission Impossible" No Longer with Us

Death comes to us all, but it is always surprising when some people pass away because you always expect them (unrealistically) to be around. It was a big surprise for me to get up today and learn that Peter Graves had passed away Sunday, 03/14/2010. Jim Phelps was always supposed to be around to save the day when no one else could, or would.

I watched the Mission Impossible series when I was a little girl, and then in re-runs in the 1970s as a teenager because it was one of the coolest shows out there, next to Star Trek of course. It was because of Mission Impossible that I got my first taste for the thriller genre and not only loved to read it, but loved to write it as well.

One of the more interesting things I discovered in reading his bio this morning was the fact that he was Marshal Matt Dillon's younger brother! That's right, James Arness was his older brother. He changed his name so he wouldn't be confused with his older brother by taking his grandfather's last name. In this picture here you can actually see a family resemblance to Matt Dillon/James Arness, but I never saw it before until I read the article and actually did a good examination of the picture.

Does anyone know if James Arness is still living? Everything I've researched on the 'Net so far says he is, and if this is so, that would make him 86 years old. Rock on Marshall Dillon.

For the complete bio of Peter Graves, click the article title above.

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