Thursday, March 02, 2006

Deciding Things While Spring Gets Sprung

It is warm outside. I'd say it is about 60*F. The wind is blowing at times, but it doesn't really diminish the glorious warmth outside. It feels goooooood. I am ready for Spring and Summer. I am tired of cold gray days, although I must admit this past winter wasn't all that gray, but it sure was cold (but not as cold as normal, which I am most thankful for).

With all of the changes happening outside, it just seems like something should change on the inside, so I am already working on that. (If I get brave I will post a before and after picture.) So, why not let things carry over here?

Wednesdays are supposed to be for outside fiction. Fiction I have not written. Or poetry. I like poetry, too. So, until people start submitting good things, I will post a notice that says The News accepts submissions. That's all that's going to be there, unless, of course I find another piece of poetry I would like to share with the world.

The rest of the time? Well, it's going to be taken up with movie reviews, book reviews, and fiction of my own, with the occasional rambling pieces thrown in for good measure.

No big changes really, just a more decisive way of looking at what I want to do here, and, of course, keep you all happy.

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