Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Drenching and New Beginnings

It feels good outside. It is in the 70*F range and intermittently storming and then sun shining. It has been doing this all day. It reminds me of me.

For a while I would be bouncy (but not manic) and then I would be gloomy. It would all happen on my insides, and I would try with desperation to keep it away from showing on my outside. I don't believe I ever truly succeeded in keeping from showing someone part of what was happening on the inside. Luckily, things are better now. I have a better grasp on what I need to do than before, and this is helping, especially in the writing world.

There, in the writing world, I have a novel to write, one to revise, and a short story to finish. This means the summer is full. The rain today sort of makes me feel as if things are finally getting washed clean and I have a new beginning for a lot of things.

Isn't that the way it usually is - we constantly have new beginnings? As long as we don't waste them, they help us to keep everything on track in our lives.

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